Five Super Cute Saint Patrick’s Day Outfit Ideas

Five Super Cute Saint Patrick’s Day Outfit Ideas

Saint Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and if you’re as passionate about this day as we are, it’s likely you are already brainstorming ideas on what you should wear. Well, if you’re struggling to come up with the perfect outfit, no worries. We have some great ideas for outfits that will be absolutely terrific.


A Tip About Colors

Pssst. We know Saint Patrick’s Day is all about the green, but if you are looking for other colors to mix in, try orange and white. Along with green, these make up the colors of the Irish flag.

Blue is also ideal since it is the national color of Ireland.


Outfit #1- The Dress

If you are going for a dressy St. Patrick’s Day look, this green velvet dress is just the thing. And when it comes to accessories, gold is the new neutral!

Many women shy away from dresses but the great thing about them is they are an outfit in and of themselves. Just put a dress on and you don’t need much else besides shoes. For St. Patrick’s, find a green dress and you are 75% done with your entire ensemble.

When it comes to green dresses there are many styles to choose from. It may be chilly on St. Patrick’s Day so you will want to avoid wearing a sundress but beyond that, anything goes, from sheath to bandage to shirt dresses and beyond.

You can also play around with colors and materials. There is no hard and fast rule that says you have to wear the bright green that is typically associated with St. Patrick’s. Try changing things up with a sensual forest green velvet dress.


Outfit #2- Irish Pride Leggings

The light greens work perfectly with the dark green of the leggings to make a great combination that isn’t overwhelming.


It will definitely be easier for you to put together a St. Patrick’s Day outfit once you realize that we have released a line of leggings in honor of the holiday. We have several options available, but our Irish Pride Leggings are a classic. They feature an edgy checked pattern as well as clovers, leprechaun hats and boots and pots of gold.

These leggings will be perfect with a top that is either green, gold or white. Complete the look with a cute pair of boots that bring down the color of the shirt.


Outfit #3 – A Kilt

For a traditional Irish look, you can’t go wrong with this kilt and blazer look. The black riding boots complement the outfit perfectly.

A kilt is a part of traditional Irish and Scottish dress. Though commonly thought of as a man’s piece of clothing, over the years, it has become popular for both men and women and it makes the perfect St. Patrick’s Day staple.

To stay true to Irish heritage, you will want to wear a kilt in a plain color or one that reflects the locality of your family origin. There is a tartan for every Irish county and, if you are truly Irish, you will want to find the one that best represents you.

In Irish culture, a kilt is typically worn with a traditional Irish jacket called a Brian Baru. However, it will also go well with a button front shirt, a sweater or any other type of jacket.


Outfit #4- St. Patrick’s Pop Art Leggings

The gold works to elevate the look of the leggings and the metallic combat boots are so much fun.


The St. Patrick’s Pop Art Leggings are another one of our new releases and they make the perfect base for a festive outfit. We love these because of their unique pop art look and the fact that they feature images which are indicative of what’s important for so many of us about the holiday …cute redheads and beer!

These leggings are quite colorful, and they will look great with a top that picks up any other hues included in the design. Green, white, black, yellow and orange are just a few choices that will make the perfect complement for these bottoms.


Outfit #5- Cute and Casual

If you are looking for a sporty St. Patrick’s Day look, this is the way to do it! Green skinny jeans, a green striped jersey, and we just love how the geometric sunglasses finish the outfit!

 St. Patrick’s Day plans don’t have to be elaborate. You can just kick it at home with friends or head out to the bar for a quick pint. If that’s the case, a cute jean and tee-shirt outfit will do nicely….as long as you incorporate plenty of green!

Skinny jeans, leggings or fitted trousers will make a great bottom. Complement the look with a blouse, jersey or t-shirt and you have what it takes to make a cute and casual St. Patrick’s Day look that is perfect for a low key hang.

Hopefully this article has given you some good ideas for what you can wear on this holiday.

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