Four Yoga Poses for Beginners You Can Try Right Now

Four Yoga Poses for Beginners You Can Try Right Now

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Yoga has been getting more popular as the years go by. It is known to provide several physical and mental benefits. It increases flexibility, muscle strength and tone, boosts energy, can aid in weight loss, reduces the risk of injury and promotes circulatory health.

The deep breathing involved in yoga can increase mental clarity. It is also a great way to reduce stress that can cause insomnia, heart disease and other serious illnesses.

With all the benefits yoga can provide, there is no reason why everyone shouldn’t be incorporating it into their exercise routines. But some may get intimidated when they see yoga being performed. Many of the movements are complicated and some may wonder if they could ever achieve that level of flexibility.

Well, the truth is, there are many beginner poses that are very easy to do. Here are some you may want to try.


#1: Mindful Breath

This yoga pose is one many of us have probably done at various times in our lives and not even realized we were doing yoga. It involves lying on the floor flat on your back and breathing deeply.

It doesn’t matter whether you breathe from the diaphragm, ribcage or use a specific technique; the breathing will slow respiration and heart rate, reduce blood pressure, sooth digestion, improve energy and reduce stress.


#2: Gentle Flow

This exercise requires you to get down on your hands and knees. Start by arching your back while bringing your head into your chest, then straighten so your back is straight, and you are looking at the sky. While performing this exercise, you should alternately flex and point your toes and bring your knees in and out.

This exercise may not be complicated, but it helps connect us with our breathing while stimulating blood and lymphatic flow. It also helps keep joints flexible and is a great way to relieve stress.


#3: Downward Facing Dog

This pose involves getting up from a kneeling position into one where your body is an inverted V with feet and hands planted firmly on the floor.

It is perfect for promoting balance and harmony in the body and it can provide an energy boost for those who need a pick me up in the middle of the day.


#4: Tree Pose

To do the tree pose, one must start in the standing position. Then lift the leg while bending the knee sideways so that the foot rests on the inside of the top of the opposite thigh. Hands should be in prayer position. Hold, then switch sides.

This pose is ideal for improving balance which can boost emotional and mental stability. It also strengthens the core and works in promoting coordination between the upper and lower body.



These exercises are all so simple to do, they can be done just about anywhere and by just about anyone. Yet they are the building blocks to a workout that can be lifechanging to those who include it in their routines. Try these techniques to find out how you would like to move forward incorporating yoga into your life.

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