Seven Ways to Work Out When Playing with Your Kids (Parents Must Read)

Seven Ways to Work Out When Playing with Your Kids (Parents Must Read)

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In our busy lives, it seems as if there is never enough time to fit everything in. Multi-tasking can be a way of killing two birds with one stone.

While multitasking won’t work for every task, it is easy to get exercise while doing a variety of other chores. For instance, your cleaning routine can become a workout. You can park your car farther from your destination while shopping at the mall and take the stairs instead of the escalator while going from floor to floor.

You can also get some exercise when you’re playing with your kids. It’s easier than you think! Read on for some useful tips.


#1. Your Kids are Your Weights

We all know how important strength training is. It increases bone density and it can help increase your metabolism, so you burn calories more easily.

Lifting weights might not seem like much fun but lifting your kids can be! Have them ride on your back as you do push-ups. Use them instead of dumbbells to do deadlifts or lift them in the air as you are lying down. You will see the definition start to build up in your body and your children will have a great time being bounced up and down.


#2. Play Their Games

When you think of what a child does while they are outside playing…it’s quite a workout! Children are constantly running around and this makes for terrific cardio.

Instead of sending them out to play a game of tag with their friends, why not initiate a game of tag with your child? This will make for some great bonding time and accelerated calorie burn.


#3. Sign Up for a Mommy and Me Exercise Class

Young mothers can get in shape after pregnancy by signing up for a mommy and me exercise class. These classes involve a mother stretching to touch her baby in the stroller, running with a stroller and similar workouts.

As your child gets older, you can try to find classes and gyms that will take both of you. This is a great way to enforce healthy rules in your family and keep everyone motivated.


#4. Take a Hike

A hike is an enjoyable activity that the whole family will enjoy. Find a spot near you with plenty of hills and valleys. Then navigate the terrain together.

Hiking is great for bonding and getting in shape and you can also learn plenty about nature. 


#5. In the Playground

You know how it is when you take your child to the playground. You sit around waiting for your child to be done playing as you think of the other things you can be doing to make the most of your time.

Well, here’s something you can try.

How about using that jungle gym to do some pull-ups? Or you can take a quick climb on the monkey bars. Even the swings can be great exercise.

Of course, this will be difficult to do if the playground is crowded so try to take your child during times when the park is not likely to be as crowded if you are set on getting your workout in.


#6. Have Family Game Nights

It’s great to have activities the entire family can participate in. A family soccer night or football night are terrific examples of how you can get the entire family having fun while staying active. And even though these games seem like a lot of fun, you might be surprised to find out how many calories you can burn while you are playing.


#7. Just Dance

Dancing is a great way to burn calories and it can be fun for the whole family. You can take a dance class as a family but a simpler and more cost-effective way to get everyone going is by simply cranking up some music. Take turns so everyone’s favorite music gets included and then, just boogie down!

It can be hard to squeeze workouts in but with these activities, you can get yourself and your entire family in great shape while building stronger emotional connections. Which of these is your favorite way to work out while you are playing with your kids?

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