Awesome Beach Workouts That Will Keep You Fit When You’re on Vacation

Awesome Beach Workouts That Will Keep You Fit When You’re on Vacation

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When we are on vacation, we all want to take a break from the outside world. For many of us, this means cheating on our diets and throwing our exercise routines out the window.

But if your vacation is stretching on and you are starting to feel, um, not so confident in your bikini, there are things you can do to exercise and still enjoy your time away from home. There are many exercises can be done right on the beach that be completed within 20 minutes giving you plenty of time to sightsee, hit the clubs and more.

If you are looking for a great beach workout to keep you in shape during your vacation, here are some suggestions.


#1: Walk

If you’ve ever walked in the sand, you know how strenuous it can be. Forcing your feet to gain traction requires the muscles to work harder to propel you forward. This takes more energy and will help you to burn more calories than you would if you were walking on a more stable surface.

Beyond the benefits walking in the sand will have on your physique, it can also reeducate and re-stimulate muscular activity in the lower extremities which is great for those recovering from injuries. What’s more, the peace of the beach can be perfect for relieving stress.


#2 Volleyball

Volleyball anyone? If there’s a game happening near you, think about jumping in.

Beach volleyball is a great way to stay in shape. Because you need to jump and sprint, it really gets your cardiovascular system working for the ultimate in calorie burn as well as building up endurance and stamina. It strengthens and tones muscles for a great all over body workout.

And because you are playing on sand, your balance and stability will be put to the test resulting in improved agility overall.

Beach volleyball can also be a great social activity that can help boost your mood and relieve stress and depression.


#3: Regular Workout

Of course, you can also plan a quick workout which will rely on you using just your body weight (since no one really wants to carry heavy dumb bells around while traveling).

    • We suggest starting out with quick sprints to get your body warmed up.
    • Follow up with bear crawls. These are done in a crouching position with both hands and feet on the sand. Move your foot up to bring your knee into your body and then return it to its original position. Switch feet and repeat.
    • Hollow body holds are next. Much like planking on your back, these consist of elevating your feet so that your legs are straight out at a 45 degrees angle. Your hands will be above your head at a 45 degree angle. Hold for 30 seconds.
    • Side shuffles are done by vigorously moving your weight from one foot to the other while in a squatting position.
    • Next, move into broad jumps getting your body as high up as possible and squatting low when you come down.>/li>
    • Finally, the thoracic bridge will be your cool down. To do the thoracic bridge, start in sitting position. Then rise up on your feet so that your back is arched and your knees are bent. One arms should be on the ground, straight down behind you for support while the other is reaching out beyond your head. Hold and repeat.



    These are just some of the ways you can get a great beach workout in 20 minutes. Now you have the energy to take on the day, enjoy the sites and taste that terrific exotic food 100% guilt free!>

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