Five Out of the Box Easter Trends That Will Make Your Holiday More Exciting

Five Out of the Box Easter Trends That Will Make Your Holiday More Exciting

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Easter is coming and that means dressing up in pastel colors and wearing Easter bonnets. But now that 2020 is here, all that might seem a bit ho-hum. That’s why, this year, many of us are kicking things up with Easter trends that are more out of the box than ever.

If you look around the internet, you might even see some pictures of men with Easter eggs painted onto their, well, let’s just say, their posteriors. And while that may be a bit far-fetched, here are some slightly more conservative things you can do to make your Easter bright.


#1. Easter Face Paint Makeover

Face painting is an activity that often takes place at Easter events and festivals. Once reserved for children only, women are now adapting face paint looks into their Easter makeup.

When it comes to Easter eye makeup, pastel colors are heavily featured. Some women will even include pictures of bunnies or bunny ears above the eyebrow line or just below the eye. Stars and other shimmery effects can be added directly to the eyebrow as well.


#2. Funky Bonnets

It just wouldn’t be Easter without an Easter bonnet. This year, Easter bonnets are expected to be bigger and better than ever.

When going to church or walking down the street this Easter, don’t be surprised to see Lady Gaga inspired Easter bonnets that are excessively floppy and oversized. Others will be taking steampunk styles to the next level wearing top hats in pastel colors with flowered bands. If you prefer sleek and sassy, a pastel flowered fedora may be more your speed.


#3. Easter Hair Colors

If you enjoy coloring your hair with funky semi-permanent dyes, you may not even want to bother with an Easter bonnet.

With a bit of advanced planning, by the time Easter rolls around, your hair can be filled with a wide array of seasonal colors like cotton candy pinks, turquoise blues, lemon yellows, lime greens and more. Make the most of these by styling your hair in braids, a sultry chignon or a full on mohawk.


#4. Easter Manicure

Wondering what manicure you are going to get next? With Easter coming, it should be a no brainer.

At this time of year, many women opt to get manicures that look just like Easter eggs. Pictures of bunnies and chicks can also be included to get nails looking seasonal.


#5. Easter Leggings

It goes without saying that many of us will be wearing clothing that represents that spirit of the season. Sun dresses, ruffles and spring hues will all be heavily featured, but you can stand out by wearing a terrific pair of Easter leggings.

Here at Fierce Pulse, we have a great selection of adorable Easter leggings that are perfect for springtime workouts, casual events and Easter celebrations. They feature bright, seasonal prints as well as the comfort and durability you can count on whenever you purchase any one of our products.

When it comes to the designs offered, we have one that will be perfect for whatever Easter mood you’re in. Fun and cute? Our White Easter Bunnies Leggings, Colorful Easter Egg Leggings and Peeking Easter Bunny Leggings have spring like colors and adorable images and patterns that will make your holiday.

If you love a touch of gold, our Golden Easter Egg Leggings will be the perfect thing.

And if you want to be more outrageous, our Egg Butt Leggings are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face this Easter. Paying homage to the previously mentioned dudes with eggs painted directly on their butt butts, these leggings have adorable eggs painted on the for each cheek!

Easter is coming and it’s time to get ready with out of the box looks that are sure to make your holiday special. What will you be doing to bring it at your celebration?

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