How to Style Your Easter Themed Leggings

How to Style Your Easter Themed Leggings

Easter is right around the corner and everyone will be wanting to get in the holiday spirit. People will be throwing parties with Easter Egg hunts and Easter themed foods. Children will be dying eggs. And of course, everyone will want to get decked out in their holiday best.

Pastel colors and Easter bonnets have long been associated with Easter, but if you want to do something out of the box this year, consider getting a terrific pair of Easter leggings.

At Fierce Pulse, we have a wide variety of adorable Easter leggings each of which comes with our usual promise of high-quality comfort. Read on to find out how you can incorporate them into your looks to make this Easter really special.


#1. Egg Butt Leggings

We love the way these sneakers complement the leggings. Add a solid color pastel tee and a funky pair of sunglasses and you’re good to go!


These leggings are certain to get everyone looking twice.

While most women will choose to wear longer tops with their leggings, you will not want to miss out on showing off the adorable Easter eggs on the butt cheeks or the cute little Easter bunny that is hanging upside down from the waistband of the pants.

Fortunately, crop tops are all the rage. You can do an off the shoulder look that will make your Easter sizzle. Wear this outfit to the gym or when running errands in your neighborhood…but church may not be the best place for them!


#2. Colorful Easter Egg Leggings

This top makes a great layered look over the colorful leggings and with great tones like turquoise, bright red and yellow, you have all your bases covered.


These Easter egg leggings are perfect for women who just can’t get enough color in their lives. And with so many colors incorporated, you are guaranteed to have something in your wardrobe that matches perfectly.

To avoid being too loud, a solid top will work best. Continue the colorful theme by adding a pair of boots or sneakers in a totally different color. With this outfit, you will be sure to be getting some smiles everywhere you go.


#3. Peeking Easter Bunny Leggings

This pink blouse really makes the Peeking Bunny pop. Add a colorful purse and don’t forget to wear your fanciest Easter bonnet!


The pastel green of these leggings is perfect for promoting the Easter spirit and the peeking bunny that peeks out from the side of the leggings is the icing on the marshmallow covered egg.

Go monotone by wearing a green shirt that matches the leggings to really let the bunny pop or go with a pink or white shirt to bring out the bunny’s adorableness.


#4. Easter Pop Art Leggings

Colorful yet edgy, you will be the star of any Easter celebration when you cop this look.


Warhol fans won’t be able to resist these Easter leggings that have a distinctly pop art theme. The leggings feature a variety of vibrant colors ensuring there will be something in your wardrobe that will match perfectly. And with fun sayings like Easter Egg Hunt and Happy Easter, everyone will know you brought the party as soon as you enter the room.

Pair these with a colorful t-shirt and jacket for a bit of eighties retro chic.


#5. Golden Easter Egg Leggings

Why not get a little dressy this Easter with a sparkly top and some cool combat boots? This is a terrific outfit for an upbeat celebration.


We love this design because it's busy yet its muted tones give it a look that works with anything. Almost like a neutral, these leggings will go with just about anything, from brown, black and gold tones to bright reds and even plaids.

The look brings a bit of a psychedelic vibe which is completely unique and works well with the holiday. Get vintage inspired when using these leggings as a base for creating your golden Easter egg outfit.

Easter is coming soon and it’s not about what you do, it’s about what you wear. Which of these leggings will you be rocking for your Easter vibe?