Five Things to Know Before Doing an Outdoor Workout and How to Prepare

Five Things to Know Before Doing an Outdoor Workout and How to Prepare

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An outdoor workout is ideal for some people. The outdoor scenery keeps boredom at bay. What’s more, exercisers are able to use rocky ridges, hilly land and uneven slopes to make their workouts even more intense.

However, when you work out outdoors, you also must deal with the elements. Sun and debris on trails can cause damage and injuries. You also must be careful to stay safe from drivers and dangerous people.

With that in mind, here are five things to know before doing an outdoor workout and how to prepare.


#1. Dress for the Weather

If it’s hot and humid you will want to wear light colored clothing that provides coverage to keep the sun away. Clothing with moisture wicking ability will also keep you cool and dry.

If it’s cold, layers are the way to go. The bottom layer should be made of a moisture wicking material that will keep you from feeling sweaty. The middle layer should provide insulation; think wool, down or fleece. The outer layer should be water and wind resistant. 

#2. Stay Visible

Joggers are likely to get hit by passing vehicles. If you are running alongside a street or highway, you want to wear clothing that makes you as visible as possible. This includes light colors and reflective materials.

You can also be on the defensive by being aware that you will be even less visible to people driving larger vehicles. Pedestrians are also often hit when cars turn corners or when traffic lights change.


#3. Wear Comfortable Shoes

It is common for joggers and hikers to become injured. Your shoes are a very important component when it comes to preventing injuries. Not only will the right shoes protect your feet and ankles, they will put your body in a comfortable position to prevent injuries throughout your body.

When hiking, make sure you are wearing sturdy hiking boots with a strong tread. If you are running, walking or doing another type of aerobic exercise, make sure you are wearing athletic shoes with a comfortable fit. 

#4. Travel Light

When exercising, the last thing you want is to be weighed down. Travel light by applying sunblock and bug repellant before you leave. Use a small pack to carry emergency money, identification and a cell phone.


#5. Stay Safe

Stay safe by exercising with a partner. If no one is available, be sure to let people know where you are and give them a time when you will be returning.

Choose a well traveled path to ensure plenty of people will be around. If you encounter anyone that seems threatening, use a confident posture and make eye contact to deter safety issues.

Pay attention to what’s going on around you by looking in all directions and by keeping headphone volume low.

Vary your schedule. Choosing different paths and going out at different times of the day will make you less of a target for thieves and attackers.

If you see a stray dog, keep your distance. Dogs may attack if they feel provoked. Staying away will make them feel safer so they are not as likely to do anything violent.

Exercising outside is a great way for people to get in a good workout while enjoying the fresh air and scenery. If you like outdoor workouts, make sure to protect yourself by wearing the right clothing and taking the appropriate safety measures. Good luck getting the most out of your outdoor activity!

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