Fun Psychedelic Prints & How to Wear Them

Fun Psychedelic Prints & How to Wear Them

Festival fashions are taking over and this calls for vibrant colors and a revival of the fashions of the 60’s Woodstock era.

We have worked so hard on bringing you psychedelic leggings that are so versatile you can wear them to festivals or when you’re running errands around town or working out at the gym. Read on to find out how to make one look work for you in a variety of situations.


#1. Festival Fashion

Psychedelic leggings are the perfect piece of festival wear. The tie dye colors provide a great retro look. They are comfortable enough for all day wear and you are sure to have all your bases covered when sitting on the ground…if you know what we mean! They are also cool and breathable for the hot days and provide coverage for the cooler nights.

There are multiple ways you can style your leggings for festivals, but crocheted bra tops are a stand out piece for these events. Add a sunhat and sunglasses for protection from the sun and you are good to go.

These Vibrant Psychedelic Leggings will be a hit when you match them with a blue crocheted bra top at your next festival event. Add a hat for protection and some psychedelic shades for effect.



#2. Working Out

If you want to be a stand out at the gym, psychedelic leggings are the way to go. Fortunately, we also have matching bra tops for our leggings. You can’t go wrong when you start with these key pieces.

Our Psychedelic Abstract Leggings and Sports Bra make it easy for you to find something to wear to the gym. Add a comfy pair of sneakers and a sweatshirt as a cover up and you really can’t go wrong.



#3. Around Town

People love wearing leggings for everyday tasks. Leggings are comfortable, they provide an energizing feel that encourages physical activity and they make it easy for people to run in and out of the gym.

When wearing psychedelic leggings for an everyday look, you will want to tone down the colorful look of the bottoms with solid colors on the top. Just think of the colors in the leggings and go from there to find solid, matching pieces.

The solid blue tee, pink sneakers and yellow gym bag bring out the colors in the leggings perfectly. The blue sunglasses make the outfit even more fun.



#4. Hanging Out with Friends

Psychedelic leggings can also be the perfect thing to wear when you’re kicking it with friends. You still want to use the same basic fashion rule of toning things with solids, but you can take advantage of the fun times to let it all hang out.

Use your psychedelic leggings to break up an all black look and bring the bling with these some glammy, pink rhinestone shades.



I bet that after reading this article you are starting to realize that psychedelic leggings are a lot more versatile than you thought. Which of these will be your favorite look?

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