Five Types of Leggings Every Girl Should Own

Five Types of Leggings Every Girl Should Own

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If you are the kind of girl that loves leggings, you don’t need to be told how terrific it can be to have these pieces of clothing as staples in your wardrobe. Just get a few pairs in a variety of colors and you have the base for any number of outfits that can be perfect for work or play.

But just because you will find yourselves wearing leggings often, that doesn’t mean your outfit choices have to be boring. Not only can you wear your leggings in a variety of combinations, there are also several types of leggings you can wear.

Here are five types that should be in your wardrobe.


#1: Black

Black is a neutral color that goes with just about anything. Black leggings are perfect because they are slimming and can work for any occasion from casual to formal. Wear them to the gym with athletic sneakers and a t-shirt or dress them up with a blazer and a pair of high heels or boots for a look that is perfect for the office or out for a night on the town.

Another great thing about black leggings? They don’t show dirt easily, so you don’t have to worry too much if you forgot to do the wash this week!


#2: Colorful

Every wardrobe needs a splash of color. Color is perfect in the springtime when everything is being reborn, and they can add the right amount of cheerfulness on a winter’s day.

Many women shy away from color because they are uncertain of what color combinations to use, so here are some basics. If you have a solid color legging, pair it with a print top that picks up the color of the legging or go for another colorful solid that matches well.

If your leggings have a colorful print, it is best to go for a solid that features one of the colors in the leggings.

Our Abstract Print Leggings, for example, will go well with a solid top that features the blue, black or pink of the tights.


#3: Animal Print

Animal prints are a great way to bring out the animal in you and they can be inspirational during workout sessions. They also conjure the 80’s look which is currently in resurgence.

Because animal prints are busy, an animal print legging will go best with a solid top that features the colors of the legging. Our Colorful Snake Pattern Leggings, for example, will go well with a solid top that features a neutral brown color or opt for a turquoise tone if you really want your outfit to pop.


#4: Flower Print

Flower print leggings are another type of legging which will be perfect for the summer or spring. Once again, you will want to go with a solid color top to offset the busy pattern.

Our Rose Color Block Leggings give a great modern look that will go well with a black, white or pink top.


#5: Ombre

Ombre refers to look that is shaded or graduated in tone. A perfect example of this is our Vibrant Blue & Green Ombre Leggings which feature a great display of blue, green and yellowish color.

Ombre leggings offer an interesting contrast and the gradual fading of color provides a slimming look that can be flattering to any body type.



If you are a ‘leggings purist’, your wardrobe does not have to be boring. These are just a few styles you can wear to keep things interesting. Which will you be adding to your closet to keep things fresh and vibrant?

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