3 Ways to Wear Animal Print Leggings Like a Pro

3 Ways to Wear Animal Print Leggings Like a Pro

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Leggings can come in a variety of prints and animal print is one that is commonly seen. These are terrific for anyone who wants to stand out a bit. They can also be inspirational for bringing out the animal in you when you are working out.

Even though animal print is totally adorable, many shy away from it. This is partly because it is a busy print and a lot of people find it difficult to make outfit combinations using it as a base. However, there are many ways things you can do to make an animal print leggings outfit that is quite fashionable.


#1: Minimize It

If you are trying to experiment with bolder prints, you may be a bit shy at first. To make things easier, think of adding pieces of clothing that take some of the attention away from the print. An oversized ‘skimp’ sweater will be your best choice.

While it may be tempting for you to minimize as much of the legging as possible, your sweater should come down no longer than mid thigh. If it is any longer than this, it will take away from the length of your leg. However, a boot can be the perfect thing to complete this look, elongate the leg and provide a solid to balance the busy print.

The long sweater and boots will work to detract from the bold print while still letting your wild side out. Add a great handbag and bring the print up with a cool pair of sunglasses.


#2: Maximize It

If you are feeling a bit bolder in rocking your animal print leggings, you may want to wear them with a shorter top. A fitted t-shirt can be the perfect complement to your leggings giving you an effortless look that is also edgy and a bit untamed.

The t-shirt you choose should not be too busy but a bit plainer as to produce a balance when combined with the animal print. However, a decal or simple design can work perfectly. Complete the look with a great pair of boots or heels and throw a leather motorcycle jacket or blazer over it all for the ultimate in sophistication.

The gold boots, off the shoulder top and MC jacket are a great way to elevate an every day look. Carry the reptile print with a stylish shoulder bag and you are fashionably ready for work or play.


#3: To the Gym

Leggings are always great to wear to the gym and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t rock a pair of animal print ones for your workout.

Animal print leggings can be paired with any type of workout gear, from a tank to a sports bra. If you are up on gym fashions, consider pairing it with a top that features one of the colors in your animal print or go for a two-piece matching outfit that brings the animal print into the top.

Of course, sneakers are the ultimate choice for athletic footwear. These can feature animal print as well.

The hoodie/sports bra combo will provide a great transition from outdoor to indoor wear. The duffle bag is practical yet stylish and the sneakers provide the support you need to look both fashionable and gym ready.



Animal print leggings are fun, and they are perfect for bringing out your wild side. What kind of outfit combinations do you wear when you want to rock a pair? 

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