What Not to Wear with Leggings

What Not to Wear with Leggings

Leggings are such convenient pieces of clothing. They go with almost anything…well, with the operative word being almost. 

While leggings will go with most outfits, there are certain pieces you will want to avoid pairing them with. Here are some that we recommend staying away from. 


#1: Short Shirts

The truth is, you can wear short shirts with leggings. However, you have to make sure your leggings provide coverage, which is to say, your underwear, or lack thereof, is not showing through. As long as you are wearing leggings that are high quality and thick enough, a short shirt is fine, but check from all angles to be sure your, ahem, assets are covered.


#2: Bodysuit

Because leggings tend not to have much coverage around the panty line, you will definitely want to avoid wearing a bodysuit under them. Bodysuits tend to have well defined lines around the crotch area making them extremely likely to show through a pair of leggings. You are better off wearing a t-shirt or tank with your leggings and saving your body suits to wear with your jeans.  

#3: Dressy Shirts

Once again, this is a generalization. You will be able to pull off a dressy top with certain kinds of leggings but be careful. Leggings that have a more casual, everyday appearance will just not have what it takes to complete a more formal look.


#4: High Heels

A boot with a semi-high heel will look good with leggings. However, pairing them with a high heeled pump or any type of stiletto heel can make your style appear a bit dated. Better shoe choices include loafers, ballet shoes and flat ankle boots.


#5: Skirts and Dresses

The layered look was great in the 80’s and now all of that is coming back. However, to take your look into the modern age, avoid looking too cluttered. While a rugged denim skirt will go well over a pair of leggings, avoid wearing them with a skirt or dress that is too feminine, frilly or tight fitting. A better way to achieve this look is by wearing your leggings with a long jersey or sweater. 

#6: A Gym Bag

Of course, you want to take a gym bag with you when you’re going to the gym; but if you want to make your leggings street wear appropriate, opt for a handbag instead.


#7: Bling

If your going for a casual, street ready look, bold pieces of jewelry will be out of place. Instead opt for small pendant necklaces and minimal earrings…or forego jewelry altogether.



Leggings make a terrific casual look, but the idea is not to try too hard. You can dress them up a bit, but not to the point where they will look out of place with the other articles of clothing you are wearing. Following these simple tips, we are sure you will find a look you are happy with.

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