Four Outfits to Feel and Look Great in While Exercising

Four Outfits to Feel and Look Great in While Exercising

Today, workout clothing and everyday clothing are becoming interchangeable. People want the convenience of being able to pop into the gym without having to think about packing a gym bag. They also want to look fashionable when working out and they enjoy wearing clothing that invigorates them.

It is for these reasons that workout clothing is becoming more stylish.

If you like to look great while working out and also enjoy wearing your work out clothing while you’re out and about, terrific workout wear can go a long way. Here are some looks you will want to be including in your wardrobe.


#1. Jogging Suits

Jogging suits can be great for keeping you warm in the winter. They are ideal for keeping muscles warm at the beginning of workouts and the jackets can easily be stripped off once you break a sweat. Find one in your favorite color and get ready to head to the gym dressed to impress.

This jogging suit outfit makes for a great look. After those muscles heat up, strip down to this black patterned workout bra.



#2. Workout Bra and Leggings

When it comes to workouts, a legging and bra set can be the easiest thing to put on. At Fierce Pulse, we make this look especially easy to pull off providing sets that can be bought as separates or as a pair. Just grab a gym bag, put on some matching sneakers and you are good to go.

This comic book set is especially fun to wear at the gym. We love how the red gym bags adds a splash of color.


#3. Bra and Capris

When it starts getting warmer, capris are the way to go. Not as short as knee shorts, they come down to the mid calf giving you just the amount of ventilation you need. Complete the look with a matching sports bra and you have an outfit you can work in and play in.

This ombre outfit is so much fun. We love how the bright colors blend together… and this bubbly gym bag is just to die for!



#4. Bra and Yoga Pants

Yoga pants have a bit more reinforcement than leggings making them a durable option for the gym and a more ‘pants-like’ choice for running errands around town. Women can pair them with a matching sports bra and jacket and take the jacket off when they are ready to work out.

Pop in purple with this tie dyed look. It’s sure to make a splash at the gym!


Today’s workout outfits are more fashionable than ever. Hopefully this article has provided you with some cool ideas that will help you get ready for your next active day. Which do you prefer wearing to the gym?