How to Pair Your Christmas Leggings with Other Items to Make a Stylish Holiday Outfit

How to Pair Your Christmas Leggings with Other Items to Make a Stylish Holiday Outfit

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The holidays are coming and there is only one thing on your mind; your outfit. What are you going to wear that looks stylish and doesn’t sacrifice comfort? Women’s Christmas leggings are the perfect solution.

Christmas leggings can be a solid red or green color, or they can feature designs that are perfect for getting us in the holiday mood. Read on to become inspired when it comes to creating your Christmas Leggings outfit.


How Can I Create a Great Christmas Leggings Outfit?

There are many directions you can go when creating a leggings outfit for the holidays. Let’s start by assuming that you have Christmas leggings that feature a holiday design like reindeer, Santa or an outdoor winter scene.

If you pair these with your favorite ugly Christmas sweater, your family might just think you are a decoration and hang you on a tree! Therefore, you will want to tone the look down a bit.

Look at the leggings and think about the colors in the print. Likely there will be plenty of red, green and white but you never know. An outdoors scene may also have blues and neutrals.

Then, go from there to find solid pieces that go well with the leggings. Of course, you don’t have to go with a solid, but these will be best for countering the loud design of the leggings.

So, if you have leggings that have red and green in the design, think of pairing them with a top that is solid red or green. If you don’t want to look overly Christmas-y, opt for a neutral like white, black or brown.

Because leggings are thin and tight fitting, it is best to wear them with something that offers coverage. A long sweater will be the perfect thing to keep you comfy and looking somewhat conservative during the cold holiday season.

Alternately, you could pair the leggings with a skirt and top. Here too, you should try to stick with solids, but if you are wearing a solid color skirt, it may break up the look enough that you can get away with wearing a top with a subtle print.

Finally, finish off the look with a great pair of boots.

The solid black of the sweater and boots will be perfect for toning down the look of the leggings while the pop of turquoise the purse provides is perfect for keeping with the fun theme of the outfit. 


There are several options when it comes to pairing your leggings with shoes, but boots will be ideal as they are perfect for keeping you warm during the holiday season. They will also provide a look that is not too casual, so you don’t look gym ready, but is not too dressy, so you don’t look like you’re about to hit the night clubs.

Boots will provide an elevated yet playful look that is perfect for hanging with the fam and works well with the fun theme of your outfit. But at the same time, it lets everyone know you made some effort in honor of the holidays.

The boots you wear can be knee high or ankle boots. Heels should be moderate.

Although wearing red or green boots can be fun if you have them in your wardrobe, a neutral black or brown will do, or you can really make a splash with a winter white. Christmas is one of the few days you can get away with wearing white after Labor Day! 

Fun for the Whole Family

If you have a little girl that loves leggings as much as you do, why not carry on the theme? If your child does not yet fit into an adult size, there are plenty of girls Christmas leggings available. And now that you know how to wear them, you can show your mini-me how to style them to perfection!

While leggings aren’t typically considered men’s attire, your husband and son can still join in the fun. Have them wear ugly Christmas sweaters that pick up the theme of your leggings and the entire family will appear festive and ready to have a good time.


Wearing Your Christmas Leggings to the Gym

Leggings are the perfect workout attire and if you’re looking to stay in the spirit this holiday season, you might want to get a pair of Christmas workout leggings.

If you care about looking stylish in the gym, the same basic rules apply to both the leggings you wear to holiday events and your Christmas workout leggings. That is to say, you want to counter the fun print of the leggings with a solid. Therefore, you should look for solid color tanks, sports bras, hoodies and tees that pick up the colors of the leggings.

If you have red or green athletic sneakers and enjoy standing out in the crowd, by all means add these to your attire. If not, the athletic sneakers you wear every day should do just fine.

We love how this gym outfit brings the vibe of the holiday without overdoing. The solid colors are the perfect complement for the red and green in the leggings ...and why not get the gym bag in on the fun while you’re at it?


Special rules might apply if you’re wearing your Christmas workout leggings to run in.

Christmas time tends to be cold so if you are running outdoors, you will want to get Christmas running leggings that are full length and not capri style. You will also want to pair them with a hoodie and include some layers underneath for extra warmth.


How to Get the Look

If you love the idea of wearing a leggings outfit this holiday season, you have to check out our Christmas line! The line lives up to our reputation of providing attractive, high quality, handcrafted activewear that is made to suit your busy lifestyle. Our women’s Christmas leggings are sure to make you stand out from the crowd and provide you with comfort during the holiday season. 

Leggings are such versatile and comfortable items of clothing. Be sure to make your Christmas as merry as possible by including them in your holiday attire. We wish you and your family the best for the holiday season!

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