How to Style Multi-Colored Leggings

How to Style Multi-Colored Leggings

Leggings are such a comfortable and convenient wardrobe staple, many women have one (or more) of every color in their wardrobe. In addition to solids, many leggings feature prints and colors that can be a lot of fun to wear adding excitement to any outfit.

However, some people will shy away from venturing into the world of multi-colored print leggings because they are not sure how to style them. They may not be used to wearing vibrant patterns on the lower half of their bodies and they don’t know how to create an outfit they feel will be flattering.

Well, if you have always wanted to wear print leggings but are unsure of how to style them, here are some great tips that will give you the fashion confidence you need.

Play up the pink in these leggings with a beautiful peasant top. Complete the look with slouchy boots and a sophisticated gray purse.

Find a Color

Your leggings may feature a variety of colors. Say they are pink, black, blue and yellow. Start by thinking of what tops you have in these colors. Think about which is the most appropriate when considering the weather and the style of the top. Once you determine which top works best you will be on your way to finding the perfect outfit.

Now comes the shoes!

When thinking of the shoes you want to wear, apply the same reasoning. Pick a color that is featured in your leggings and choose shoes in that color. It is not necessary to pick shoes that are the same color as the top. Some may prefer to bring the color down by matching their tops and shoes, but it really just depends on the look you are going for.

Want to add more to your outfit? Maybe a sweater, blazer or skirt? Follow the same principle picking a color that is in the leggings to make your own funky look.


Favor Solids

If you are wearing multi-colored leggings, pairing them with other multi-colored pieces of clothing will probably be overdoing it. You may be able to get away with it if the item of clothing you are wearing has a subtle print with a different color but be careful not to overdo it. And if your clothing does have different colors in it, make sure those colors also match the leggings.

When you’re ready to get adventurous, try these colorful snakeskin print leggings on for size. Keep the animal theme going with this fun dinosaur handbag and pair them with some reliable solids for a look that is both funky and put together

Go Long

Even the thinnest women will look a bit heavier when wearing a print on their bottom half. If you are sensitive about printed leggings making you look bottom heavy, try wearing a longer top. This will cover your thighs and hips which are the widest parts of your body.

It’s also always a good idea to wear a longer top over leggings as they tend to be pretty revealing if you know what we mean.

If you decide to go for a longer item of clothing, shy away from wearing anything voluminous. Many people think that oversized clothing is best for hiding a multitude of sins, but the truth is, a tighter top will provide a neat and fitted appearance that is slimming and works well with prints.

By the way, if you are sensitive about how print leggings will work with the shape of your body, opt for a vertical print that is always flattering.

When you’re ready to take color to the next level, unleash your superhero with these cartoon themed leggings. The turquoise handbag and purple shoes and top keep the party going.

Elongate Your Legs

While a solid color can elongate your legs, a print can have the opposite effect. To keep your legs looking long, pair your leggings with ballet flats. Heels can also be a good choice, but they can look like a bit much when paired with leggings that are more casual. Therefore, it’s a good idea to avoid stilettos and opt for something like a wedge that has more of a fun and flirty look instead.

Ankle boots should be avoided at all costs since they will interfere with the line of the leg providing a shortening effect. Higher boots, on the other hand, can work well with printed leggings and keep legs looking long.


Start Conservatively

If you are curious about multi-colored leggings but you are not sure if you are ready to take the plunge into bold, patterned prints, start conservatively with leggings that feature only two colors and a subtle print. Once you start creating outfits you are happy with, you can get more adventurous with more colorful leggings and funkier outfit choices. 

Go bold with your leopard print leggings by pairing them with a red top. Add shoes in a neutral color and a fun pair of sunglasses for that wow effect.


Leopard print can be a good place to start because it is a popular print and kind of a neutral. Leopard print leggings can be dressed up or down and they can even be paired with certain other prints.

If you are thinking of getting more adventurous with your wardrobe, multi-colored leggings are a great way to start. They’re fun, funky and super comfortable. What style tips do you have for women who are ready to take this bold step in fashion?

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