Optical Illusion Leggings: Five Reasons Why You’ll Love Them

Optical Illusion Leggings: Five Reasons Why You’ll Love Them

Did you ever look at something and wonder if your eyes were playing tricks on you?

In some cases, we may think we see something that isn’t there at all. Or we may see something differently than how it actually appears.  

For instance, we could swear we see a friend crossing the street when it’s actually another person that looks nothing like them.

Or maybe when driving, it can look as if there’s an obstacle in the street when it’s really just a shadow; or nothing at all.

These types of optical illusions are known as cognitive obstacle illusions. They rely on what the subconscious mind thinks and how it relates one object to another.

So, if you think you saw your friend, maybe it’s because you really miss that friend. Seeing an obstacle in the street may be due to the natural sense of caution that develops when we are driving.

Obstacle illusions can also be created.  For instance, artist W.E. Hill made optical illusion art that merged two objects making them look like one.

This method, called a literal optical illusion, can confuse the eye and the brain as you wonder which image the artist is trying to portray.

Physiological optical illusions play with color, light and shape to produce overstimulation of the brain. In these instances, two-dimensional art can seem three-dimensional and shapes can look as if they are moving even if they are not.

Our FiercePulse Optical Illusion leggings are a fashionable piece of physiological optical illusion art. Here are five reasons why you will love them.



The Optical Illusion leggings have a print that is black on the inside of the leg and white on the outside. This causes the eye to focus on the slimming black of the leggings while the white area fades into the background.

This is very forgiving to women who tend to carry their weight in the hip and thigh area.

So, what’s the optical illusion here? You look ten pounds thinner!




Our handmade leggings are known for being super comfortable. All our leggings are made of a soft, supple, polyester-spandex blend that moves with your body.

The fabric is irritation-free and its sweat-wicking properties mean you will stay dry during your workouts. The waistband lies flat against your skin so as not to dig in.


What’s more, the material is squat proof, so it won’t show through when you bend and stretch. Its 40+ UPF provides the ultimate in sun protection.



Because the Optical Illusion leggings are so comfortable and durable, they are great for workouts. Their stretchiness allows your body to move easily while the sweat-wicking properties keep you nice and dry.

Their squat-proof characteristics mean you will feel confident no matter which way you bend.

The leggings make a standout gym fashion and they can also be worn for outdoor workouts and physical activity. At 40+ UPF, they will be great at protecting your skin from the sun.




One of the reasons the athleisure trend is so big is because people love the versatility it offers. They enjoy being able to run errands, hang out with friends and then do a workout without the need to stop and get changed.

Because these Optical Illusion leggings are so fashionable, they are perfect for any occasion.

They are stretchy and durable enough to be worn to the gym, but because they are so darn cute, they also make a great look for grabbing coffee with friends or running errands.

They are super comfortable so you might even want to wear them when you’re kicking it at home.




Another reason you will love these Optical Illusion leggings is they just look great!

They trick the eye so everyone that sees you will be giving you a second glance. And be prepared to get a lot of compliments!

The slimming, sexy look they will provide means that not only will people be noticing the cool design, but they will also be noticing how great you look filling it out!


Because the leggings have a vibrant design, match them with a great solid to make a stylish outfit. They can be paired with blacks, whites or brighter tones like sunshine yellows and cherry reds.

With so many reasons to love our Optical Illusion leggings, is there a reason why you wouldn’t want to add them to your wardrobe?

They are perfect for a variety of occasions, they look great, they’re super comfy and they provide a slimming look. How will you be rocking them for your next workout or outing?