Six Easter Leggings for a Fun Holiday Dress Up

Six Easter Leggings for a Fun Holiday Dress Up

When you begin seeing shoots of grass popping up between little piles of snow, you know that spring is on its way.

Spring is a season of rebirth. It is the time when we start breaking out our spring outfits and coming out of the house again. It’s a time when we enjoy the warm air on our arms and legs and feel alive again.

If there’s one holiday we associate with spring, it’s Easter. Easter is a holiday that is symbolic of rebirth. We celebrate by wearing outfits that celebrate the warm weather and the spirit of renewal.

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One type of clothing we will want to incorporate in our Easter wear is women’s Easter leggings.

Easter printed leggings are the perfect thing to wear when you’re doing Easter activities or when you’re getting back to your outdoor workouts after the cold winter.

FIERCEPULSE makes a wide variety of Easter leggings that will help you make the most out of the holidays. Here are some reasons why you will want to make them a part of your spring wardrobe.


Why FIERCEPULSE Easter Leggings and Easter Go Hand In Hand

FIERCEPULSE leggings are the perfect thing to wear at Easter time. Here are some reasons why you will want to get yourself a pair.

Comfort: Let’s think about what Easter is really about. It’s about making meals and decorating with your family. It’s about having fun in the yard during Easter Egg hunts. It’s about coloring eggs and enjoying time spent with loved ones.

This level of activity takes the hardcore comfort that FIERCEPULSE leggings are known for providing.

Their leggings have a four-way stretch that moves with you no matter how you twist or turn. The comfortable waistband lies flat against your stomach and never digs in. They are made of a soft material that will make you feel rejuvenated.

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FIERCEPULSE Easter leggings are 100% handmade ensuring high quality and durability. They won’t show through to cause embarrassing moments when you bend over. They even have UPF 40+ UV protection.

They’re Great for Workouts: After a long winter hibernating, you’re probably ready to get back out there and engage in your springtime workouts. FIERCEPULSE leggings are the perfect companion.

Their invigorating material will give you the energy you need while their cute designs will make your workout fun.

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Wear your Easter leggings to the gym to get your workout buddies in the holiday spirit.

They’re Just Plain Adorable! FIERCEPULSE makes Easter leggings that feature a wide variety of designs that are sure to put a smile on the faces of everyone you see during your celebration.

They are cute, colorful, playful, sexy, and sure to put you and your loved ones in the mood to have fun.

FIERCEPULSE Easter Leggings Designs You’ll Want to Check Out

When we say FIERCEPULSE Easter leggings are adorable, we mean it. But don’t take our word for it. Here are some designs that you’ll want to add to your Easter wear wish list.


Easter Cute Pattern Leggings



These Easter leggings have a design that’s as cute as kittens. The baby blue color is perfect for the spring. Decorations include chicks, flowers and the Easter bunny himself.

Pair them with pastels like light blues, pinks and whites for a soft look that just screams spring.


Easter Pop Art Leggings



These pop art leggings put a different spin on Easter. Veering away from classic designs, they bring a modern twist to the table.

Proudly displaying phrases like ‘Happy Easter’, ‘Easter Egg Hunt’ and ‘Wow’, when you wear these, everyone will know you are down to party. Keep the color theme going by wearing vibrant tones like turquoise, bright pink and sunshine yellow.


Two Bunnies Easter Leggings



Oh, those rascally bunnies! What kind of trouble are they up to now? These Easter bunny leggings feature a light blue material with a subtle Easter bunny/ Easter egg print along with two bunnies, one dangling upside down from the waist and one coming up from the ankle.

Their playful spirit will infuse your party with good cheer. These leggings are great when matched with pastels. Just don’t wear any high boots or long tops that will cover the bunnies.


Bunny But* Easter Leggings



These leggings may look plain from the front, but once you turn around, everyone will be surprised to see the bunny on the back. The little pink butt will be enough to put a smile on anyone’s face.

These leggings will go well with other pastel tones. Just be careful not to cover up your bunny butt! They’re also a great incentive for keeping your rear end in the best shape possible.


Golden Easter Eggs Leggings



These Easter printed leggings have a psychedelic look that will take your Easter to the next level. The patterns on the Easter eggs draw you in giving an obstacle illusion appearance.

While they are lovely to look at, don’t get too drawn in or you may end up spending the entirety of your holiday staring at them!

They have a great retro style and their gold and black color means they will go well with gold, black and a variety of neutrals.


Easter Eggs Leggings



These Easter Eggs leggings stand out for their muted lavender color that makes the white Easter egg print pop.

They are perfect for celebrations, workouts, or pre-Easter get-togethers like a cup of coffee with the girls. They will look great with white, various tones of purples and other pastels.

Easter is right around the corner. Get started on your holiday look with a great pair of FIERCEPULSE women’s Easter egg leggings. Which of these is your favorite?