Tie Dye Activewear Trends and How to Style Them

Tie Dye Activewear Trends and How to Style Them

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Festival fashions are dominating the runway and tie-dyes are chief among them. This colorful way of dying clothing originated some 600 years ago. It has roots in Asian and African cultures and was later popularized in America.

Although tie dying has long been a part of our culture, it really made a splash in the 60’s. Hippies loved its psychedelic look and wore it often. It was an especially big hit at the famous outdoor music festival, Woodstock.

Today, Woodstock inspired festivals are cropping up all over and they have brought a resurgence of 60’s fashion with tie dyes at the helm.

Tie dye can be applied to any piece of clothing and look terrific, but the style looks especially good on leggings. The uninterrupted canvas really works to bring out the print and colors.

If you are thinking of getting a pair of tie dyed leggings, you may be wondering how to style them. After all, they are somewhat of a loud print and that makes it challenging to find the perfect complementary pieces.

Well, never fear, here are some great suggestions for styling your tie dyed fashions!


#1. Tie Dye Leggings and Matching Sports Bra

We put an end to your fashion worries by making matching sports bras for all of our tie dye leggings. If the weather is cooler, just throw the jacket over your ensemble and you are good to go!

We love the way this tie dye sweatshirt complements the tie dye on the leggings and bra. The black athletic sneakers provide the perfect finishing touch.



#2. Tie Dyed Leggings and T-Shirts

Tie dyed clothing is known for being colorful and it has a naturally abstract pattern. To make sure your outfit isn’t too loud, tone it down with solid pieces that work to bring out the color.

These leggings are quite colorful but you can tone them down by adding solid pieces like this bright yellow gym bag, this red t-shirt and these cool turquoise sneakers.



#3. Tie Dye Leggings and a T-Shirt Dress

You can also wear your tie dye leggings with a t-shirt dress as a substitute for tights. When doing so, choose leggings that are not too loud and pair them with a solid color dress that matches one of the colors in the leggings.

These black and white leggings make the perfect substitute for tights because they are not overly loud. Pair them with a solid black t-shirt dress, some cool ankle boots and stylish sunglasses and you are ready to hit the town!



#4. Elevated Casual

If you find the right pieces, you may be able to elevate your tie dye legging looks. Adding a jacket and boots can give you a look that might even be appropriate in a casual office setting.

Add this cool leather jacket and high boots to make an elevated casual look that you can wear for slightly more formal occasions.



Now that you know how to style your tie dye leggings, you are ready to make a splash with one of the latest fashion trends. Which of these do you think will work best for you?

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