What to Buy a Fitness Enthusiast for Christmas

What to Buy a Fitness Enthusiast for Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner and many of us are already scrambling around trying to decide what to buy those that are near and dear to us. We think about their likes and dislikes while trying to avoid buying them something they don’t need, don’t want or already have.

If you have a fitness enthusiast on your list, you may just have your work cut out for you. There are so many things that are perfect for people who are passionate about their health. Here are just a few recommendations.


A Belt Bag

A belt bag is the perfect gift for a fitness enthusiast. Runners and weightlifters alike will appreciate having a handy way to stash their personal belongings while they work out. And the best part…with the resurgence of 80’s fashion, they are currently all the rage! 

A Gym Bag

It’s likely your fitness enthusiast has a gym bag, but these are items that get easily worn out and dirty so he or she will be sure to need a new one in time.

They will especially appreciate the gym bag you give them if you go the extra mile by buying one with extra compartments and a great luxury look.


Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Any fitness junkie is likely to have a water bottle with them at all times. The problem is, after a few uses, the water bottle can get dirty and, once it does, it’s very difficult to clean.

These self-cleaning bottles change all that with the technology of a built-in light. Don’t ask me how it works…but it does!


Comfy Leggings

A pair of comfy leggings is a great choice for any woman who likes to stay in shape. They are easy to transport, versatile, and they stretch so you don’t have to worry too much about getting the size wrong.

This year you can make your leggings gift even more holiday appropriate by purchasing a pair from Fierce Pulse. We have come out with a variety of Christmas leggings that are so adorable, they are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of any women who is passionate about staying fit. Choose from our Candy Stripe, Christmas Light Leggings, Santa’s Outfit Leggings and more.

And, just like all our leggings, our Christmas leggings are made with our buttery soft and extra stretchy polyester/spandex blend that provides extra comfort and durability.


Fitness Classes

Fitness classes are another great choice for the fitness addict in your life. After all, what could be better than some free time at the gym?

Most gyms have gift cards for membership available. Pick one up for an easy way to cross another name on your list and give them something they are sure to love.


Dry Shampoo

Running in and out of the gym? Who has time to wash and style their hair?
Dry shampoo is great because it gets the sweat and oil out, but you don’t have to wet your entire hair and restyle. Now that’s the kind of convenience any fitness freak is sure to appreciate!


Yoga Mat

Does the person on your gift list love yoga and Pilates?

They may already have a yoga mat, but you can top that by giving them one that rolls up on its own, won’t flop around, fits their entire body and has smart capabilities. These mats exist and they are sure to take your recipient’s yoga experience to the next level. 


Wireless Headphones

Keep your fitness junkie pumped at the gym by giving them a pair of wireless headphones. Sure, they may already have some at home, but this is another item that constantly needs an upgrade.

However, they probably won’t need to replace the ones you get them for some time if you get them a pair that is super durable and provides the best in sound quality.



Kettleballs are becoming the new trend in fitness. They can take your cardio to the next level and some say they are even better than barbells due to their ability to improve grip strength. Better yet, they are small enough to give as a gift.

Add this to your fitness gift list for a piece of equipment they are sure to love.


Healthy Meals

There are plenty of companies out there who deliver meals straight to your door making healthy eating effortless. Make life a little easier for the fitness enthusiast on your list by getting them a gift card for one of these convenient services.
Streaming Workouts

Another new trend in working out, streaming workouts allow busy people to access their workouts anytime and from anywhere. Think of buying a subscription for those on your list who are passionate about never missing a day of working out.


Barre Socks

Barre workouts are great for increasing muscle strength and flexibility. Many people enjoy the freedom they get when doing barre workouts without shoes, but socks are a must.

The right barre socks will have a grippy sole that makes it easy to maintain balance while providing support and stability. If you have someone on your list that does barre workouts, these socks may be the ideal gift.


Running Shoes

A running shoe is another item that a fitness enthusiast can always use.
Be sure to look for a lightweight shoe that has a sturdy arch and offers plenty of support, flexibility and durability to be sure the person on your list gets the best possible running experience.


Wrist and Ankle Weights

Wrist and ankle weights can be worn to make exercise more effective. Today’s designs are easy to wear with some available as adjustable bracelets. Have the fitness junkie on your list try them on for size.

Buying Christmas gifts can get a bit overwhelming but knowing what the people on your list like can really narrow down your choices. If there is a fitness enthusiast that you need to buy a gift for, hopefully this article has given you some useful ideas for gifts that will make them happy. Which of these items will you be adding to your list?

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