How to Wear Leggings Over 50 and Look Great

How to Wear Leggings Over 50 and Look Great

Leggings are comfortable, versatile and easy to wear. They are also often associated with younger styles. So, does this mean that we have to sacrifice this terrific staple of modern fashion as we get older?

The experts have weighed in and the verdict is…no, you don’t have to stop wearing leggings as you get older. In fact, there are tons of legging styles that work well for women over 50. Read on to find out more about how you can rock leggings no matter what your age may be.


Getting the Material Right

Start your look off with our Pink Marble leggings. Complement them with a gray short sleeved dress, ankle boots and a fun purse for a look that is both fun and sophisticated.

If you wear leggings in your senior years, you want to make sure you are wearing a good quality fabric so your leggings don’t look like tights or show through in any of the wrong places. There are many materials that could work but a polyester and spandex mix is recommended.

A spandex and polyester mix will provide a soft luxurious feel that moves with you and allows you to feel confident when you bend or squat. The tightly woven fabric will keep its shape well and ensure the color does not fade easily giving your outfits a sophisticated look that is perfect for today’s modern older woman.


How to Wear Your Leggings

Go for a splash of color by pairing our blue and green ombre leggings with a bright yellow tunic. Finish it off with a turquoise purse and slip on shoes for a great spring time look.

There are many ways to wear leggings but for older women, the best option may be the tunic. These are loose garments that usually come to the mid-thigh or knee. They are perfect because they hide the mid-section that many older women complain about.

The tunic should not be too baggy as this will produce a sloppy look. Rather, one with an A-line shape should work perfectly to give your outfit an elegant flair.
Of course, you can also wear your leggings under a skirt or dress. They make a great substitute for tights adding warmth and style to your outfits.


What Shoes Should I Wear with My Leggings?


Basic black is always a safe bet- especially when you add your own flair. Our Blurred Lines leggings will look perfect with this hippie chic tunic, high riding boots and polarized sunglasses.

There are a wide variety of shoes that will complement your legging outfits, but for older women, we recommend boots.

Boots give legging outfits a sophisticated flair without being overly dressy. Almost any type of boot will work, from an ankle boot to one that comes to the knee. However, boots with an overly high heel should be avoided as these might be a bit too formal for the look you are trying to create.

Boots are great in the colder weather and they give a nice neat appearance that will work…even if your socks don’t match your outfit. However, ballet flats, brogues and sneakers can all make great alternatives.

You may be getting older, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the staples of your comfortable wardrobe. Leggings are easy to wear, versatile…and they are perfect for women of all ages! What outfits do you recommend for providing a sophisticated look?

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