Best Holiday Gift Ideas 2019: Awesome Presents for Women on the Go

Best Holiday Gift Ideas 2019: Awesome Presents for Women on the Go

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The holiday season is here again! While we all look forward to this joyous season, it can also be filled with stress as many of us struggle to find the perfect gifts for the people we love.

If there is a busy woman on your holiday list, you don’t want to give her another gift she’ll never use. Instead, think of something that is practical, something that can come in handy in making her busy days easier to manage. If you are still puzzled as to what to buy, here are some suggestions.

A Cosmetics Case

I believe it was Dolly Parton who said ‘never leave home without grit and lipstick’. It’s likely your woman won’t be leaving home without grit, but to make extra sure she doesn’t forget her lipstick, a cosmetics case will be the perfect thing. Spare no expense in getting her a case that’s durable and makes all her cosmetics easy to find.

Leather Cardholder

Elegant and practical, any woman will enjoy the feeling of luxury she gets when she pulls a credit card from a great looking cardholder. What’s more, you can spare the risk that comes with buying her a handbag or another piece of apparel that might not suit her taste. With a cardholder, you really can’t go wrong.


Any on the go woman knows how valuable a pair of leggings can be. They go with a wide variety of outfits that range from casual to formal to workout wear. They are small so they don’t take up a lot of room in luggage when traveling and they are extremely comfortable.

To make the leggings you are giving the woman in your life even more holiday appropriate, why not give her some Christmas leggings? These can be red or green or they can feature a wide range of designs with images of a winter wonderland, Santa, reindeer and more. Then she will have a great Christmas leggings outfit to wear on Christmas Day or, if she chooses to wear them more casually, she will have some Christmas workout leggings to wear to the gym.

If you think festive leggings would be a good gift for someone you know this Christmas season, you’re in luck because this year, we have launched a brand new collection of Christmas leggings you will simply love! High quality, one-of-a-kind Christmas designs that are carefully handcrafted for all of you that want to feel and look special this holiday season. Take a look at some of the prints we have made for you:

A Smart Mirror

We all know how it is…getting ready in the morning, trying to find out what’s going on in the world, trying to prepare yourself for your busy day. A smart mirror will give any woman a great way to multi-task. Most come with Siri and Google voice assistants as well as magnifying and dimmable features that can give you valuable information while applying your mascara.

A Laptop Bag

There is no doubt that your on the go woman will need to take her laptop with her almost everywhere she goes. She can feel confident that she is commuting in style when you give her a leather laptop bag that will keep everything in place and offer special compartments for accessories.

Beauty Sleep Mask

If there is one thing a busy woman needs it’s a good night’s sleep and intervals during the day when she is able to relax. See that she gets the most relaxing experience possible by getting her an attractive beauty sleep mask. This will be a great way for her to get her beauty rest so that she is ready to be productive the next day.

Jewelry Tray

Running from the office to the gym? Need a quick place to stash your jewelry? When you’re running around, it’s easy to lose valuables and jewelry is no exception. This jewelry tray will help the woman in your life keep track of where she stashed her goods and what’s more, it is an attractive way to prevent jewelry from becoming tangled.

Athletic Sneakers

If your woman is a fitness buff, you really can’t go wrong getting her a pair of athletic sneakers. Be sure to choose a pair you know will be comfortable, attractive and that will hold up in inclement weather.

Leather Journal

During the course of the day, thoughts come and go and so many are valuable to our everyday lives. They can make us more efficient and productive. Yet so many of them get lost and forgotten if we don’t write them down. Help the woman in your life stays on top of things by getting her a beautiful leather journal. It’s practical, elegant and it will stop all of those great thoughts from slipping away.

Lunch Box

You may think lunchboxes are only for children, but there are elegant lunch boxes that are are insulated making them the perfect way to take your lunch to work. These items are convenient and easy on the budget money so there is little doubt that the women you buy one for will think that your gift is the most thoughtful one of all.

Comfort Travel Pack

If traveling and airplanes are a big part of your busy woman’s life, she will thank you for giving her a comfort travel pack. Items like a pillow, blanket and beauty mask will allow her to get the rest she needs, even when she is away from home.

Buying a gift for a woman who is always on the go can seem like a daunting task. However, these options can make it easy for you to find a gift she will love. What are you thinking of giving the busy women in your life this holiday season?

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