Seven Rules for Wearing Leggings

Seven Rules for Wearing Leggings

Leggings are a comfortable and convenient staple that can work well in the gym and for every day wear. If you have just bought your first pair of leggings and are wondering how best to wear them, here are some great tips.


Rule # 1: Check for Holes and Transparency

Leggings are flexible and comfortable but because they are thinner than other types of pants, they are more likely to be transparent and get holes in them. This can especially be the case if your leggings are older and have been worn and washed several times.

To play it safe, try on your leggings before you wear them to ensure they aren’t transparent. If they are, it may be time to replace them. Also, be sure to check them for holes. Be warned that holes are more likely to occur in the crotch area so inspect this part of your leggings carefully.


Rule # 2: Carry Out the Knee Test

To really be sure your leggings aren’t transparent, you can carry out the knee test. To do this, sit in a chair, bend your knees and take a look. If you see any hint of skin underneath your leggings, it’s time to get another pair.


Rule # 3: Complement Your Leggings with a Long Top

Though some leggings may be thick enough to wear with a shorter top, most will look best with a longer one that covers the buttocks area. This will hide any bounce and underwear lines.


Rule # 4: Avoid Wearing T-Shirts and Leggings

A t-shirt may be acceptable with leggings that are more like jeans, but if you wear a t-shirt with a thin pair of leggings, it is likely to be too revealing for everyday wear.


Rule # 5: Go For Leggings That Breathe

Avoid wearing leggings that are too thick. Not only will these be uncomfortably warm, they are also bad for your skin. They do not allow air passage which can increase the likelihood of red spots and rashes.


Rule # 6: Wear the Right Shoes with Your Leggings

Leggings can work well with a variety of looks and the right shoes will serve to complete these styles. If you are wearing leggings for a more formal look, a great pair of boots will be perfect. However, if you are wearing your leggings when running errands around town or going to the gym to work out, sneakers are a better choice. Ballet flats can also make the perfect complement for a casual legging look.


Rule # 7: Wash Leggings Frequently

Washing your leggings frequently will help them to retain their shape. If you do not wash them often, they will end up looking baggy and loose.



Now that you know the best way to wear your leggings, you can move forward with a terrific look that works well for just about any occasion.