How to Make Your Leggings Last Forever

How to Make Your Leggings Last Forever

Got a pair of leggings you just can’t live without? We know how it feels!

Many of us have a favorite pair of clothing we would never want to part with. If your favorite piece of clothing is a great pair of leggings, here are tips for caring for them to ensure they last for a very long time.


1. Keep Them Away from the Dryer

Dryers have high levels of heat that can warp the fiber strands in your leggings. They weaken the elasticity of the material making it prone to holes and tears. They will also affect the fit of your leggings causing them to be loose and baggy.


2. Wash Them When Necessary

Putting your leggings in a washing machine is not as damaging as putting them in a dryer, but it can cause them to wear out over time and make the color fade. Of course, if you have just done a vigorous workout and sweated in your leggings, you will want to put them in the washing machine. But if you are just spending a day wearing them while watching TV, put them back in the drawer instead.


3. Wash Them Carefully

If you do need to wash your leggings, wash them carefully. The best method is to wrap them in a mesh laundry bag. This will ensure that they don’t get stretched out due to the fact that they got tangled with other garments in the machine.


4. Avoid Fabric Softeners

Fabric softeners chemically react with the fibers in leggings stripping them of their sweat-wicking and antibacterial properties. This is why it is best to avoid using fabric softeners on your leggings when washing them.


5. Lay Them Flat

Since you won’t want to put your leggings in the dryer, you will want to put them to the side to dry before putting them away. In doing so, avoid hanging them as this will stretch them out and warp their shape. Rather, lay them flat, on top of a towel, to dry.



Leggings are comfortable and versatile and it’s easy to see how a cute pair can make for a favorite item of clothing. Following the right care instructions will help them last as long as possible. But just to make sure, when you see a pair you love, better buy two!

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