Eight Things Every Girl Who’s Addicted to Leggings Will Understand

Eight Things Every Girl Who’s Addicted to Leggings Will Understand

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Leggings are a girl’s best friend. They are comfortable, versatile and attractive. However, they do come with their share of downsides.

Read onto find out how to prepare yourself so you can make your legging-wearing experience as pleasant as possible.


#1: Holes Happen

Your leggings may seem like your best friend. They are there when you don’t know what to wear and they always provide the best fit and the utmost in comfort.

However, be prepared for the day when they betray you by getting a big, fat hole in them.

While we can’t prevent this from happening, we can recommend that you inspect your leggings before wearing them to make sure no holes have appeared since you last wore them as this may prevent some embarrassment. Also, if you find a pair you really love, you may want to buy more than one!


#2: Your Leggings Will Give You a Hard Time After the Shower

While leggings are super comfortable and convenient, they are extremely prone to getting stuck to wet skin. Even if you dry your skin thoroughly, even one wet spot or a trace of moisture can make them stick.

If at all possible, arrange your morning routine so you can allow for some time for your skin to dry before attempting to put them on.


#3: They May Turn Opaque

After several washings and wears, your leggings may turn opaque. Because this may be the case, check to make sure you are well concealed before leaving your house. If your leggings turn opaque after one washing or wear, you may want to return them.

As a general rule, it is best to invest in quality leggings that are backed by goof customer reviews to avoid this from happening altogether.


#4: You Will Want an Alternative to Wearing Your Leggings to Your Workout

We all have a favorite pair of leggings that we love to wear while working out. But these will need to be washed and they may not be available for every work out. This is another good reason to invest in more than one of the same pair.


#5: It’s Hard to Take Them Off Without Turning Them Inside Out

Try as you might, it’s pretty much inevitable…when you take off your leggings, they will get stuck to your ankles like a child begging its mother to take him out for a McDonald’s dinner. Aside from this resulting in another step when undressing, it can also make your leggings lose elasticity faster.

To avoid this, simply start rolling them down as soon as you start removing them at the waist. Once you reach the ankles, gently stretch them so they fit over your foot and you’re home free!


#6: It’s Hard to Find the Right Leggings in Your Wardrobe

If you’re like me, you probably open your closet to find a sea of clothing. When it comes to leggings, it can be hard to tell which pair is navy blue, black or slate gray until you walk out of the house with the wrong pair on.

Let’s face it, only the most organized of us women will be able to avoid making this fatal mistake so good luck figuring out your system!


#7: You Might Have to Wear (gasp) Jeans

If all your leggings are in the wash, you may be faced with the prospect of having to wear jeans. Therefore, a smart girl will not forget how to use a zipper and button a button! And most of all, don’t panic, your leggings should be back in your possession in just a few hours.


#8: You Might Not Be Able to Find a Matching Pair

Leggings are super comfortable, but they are not the sturdiest item of clothing. You may wear a pair only to find that a hole has become visible or that they have started slipping down at the waist. If this occurs, do your best to deal with it and then return to your closet as soon as possible to change. Hopefully, there will be another pair there that matches your outfit!



Only us legging wearing women know what it’s like to deal with holes, opaqueness and damage…yet leggings are still an item of clothing most of us would never go without. What are some legging troubles you have had to deal with?

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