Eight Reasons Why Leggings Are the Best Thing Ever Invented

Eight Reasons Why Leggings Are the Best Thing Ever Invented

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If you love your leggings, you probably don’t need to be told why these are the best things ever invented. But if they are a piece of clothing you have been thinking about adding to your wardrobe, and you just aren’t sure if you can leave your jeans behind, read on to find out why leggings are an item of clothing no one should live without.


#1: They are Easy to Slip-On

With no buttons, zippers or any other sort of device needed to fasten them, leggings are the easiest thing in the world to slip on. Just roll them up your leg and voila, you have an effortless look that will go with just about anything.

And once your leggings are on, they will stay in place requiring very little adjustment during the day.


#2: Shopping for Leggings is Easy

The right jeans or pants can be difficult to find. You must find ones that mold to your shape and fit in the waist, hips and legs.

Leggings are stretchy and mold to your body giving the perfect fit every time. In fact, when buying them in the store, most of the time you won’t even have to try them on. Just pick the color you prefer, pay and you’re all set!


#3: Leggings Don’t Restrict Body Movement

Leggings are soft, stretchy and they are easy to move in. They don’t have tight closures that can be restrictive. This makes them comfortable for every day use and great for workouts as well…especially when it comes to those difficult yoga poses that require flexibility!


#4: They are Flattering to the Body

Leggings are contoured to your body. They hug us in a way that accentuates curves and shows off our shapes. This is makes them a great choice for women with almost any body type.


#5: They Make it Easy to Figure Out What to Wear

Have you ever stood in front of your wardrobe for hours wondering what to wear? Try adding a few pairs of leggings.

Leggings are versatile so they can be worn with a sweater, t-shirt, blouse or even under a skirt or dress. They can be worn to work out, run errands around town or you can even dress them up for more formal occasions.

Invest in a few pairs of leggings in some basic colors and never spend time standing in front of the wardrobe wondering what you are going to wear again.


#6: Leggings are Perfect for Every Occasion

No matter what your plans are, leggings will be the perfect thing to wear.

  • Working out at the gym? Leggings are breathable and flexible, so they make the ideal workout companion.
  • Long day at the office? Slip them on under a sweater for a chic and comfortable look.
  • Going on a date? Dress your leggings up for a body-hugging look that is both cute and sexy.
  • Staying home to watch Netflix? Your leggings will provide the ultimate in comfort but still provide a great casual look if you decide you want to pop out for a tub of ice cream.


#7: They Make You Look Athletic

Haven’t been to the gym in a while? It’s probably time to get back out there but, if you just don’t have the time, you can still look like the type that likes to stay in shape with a great pair of leggings.


#8: No Need to Change Them After a Night Out

As much as we may not like to admit it, we’ve all done that walk of shame. Many of us know what it’s like to come home after a long night of partying to face the judgmental looks of our neighbors when all we’d like to do is slip back into bed for a few hours.

Once we make it to the bedroom, most would rather not have to deal with taking off uncomfortable jeans, but leggings can be the perfect thing to sleep in. (After that, you will probably want to put them in the wash!)



If you weren’t already convinced as to why leggings make the perfect piece of clothing, this list will serve as hard evidence. Now that you know how wonderful leggings can be, we are sure you will be adding many pairs to your wardrobe.

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