Best Christmas Running Leggings Recommended by Runners

Best Christmas Running Leggings Recommended by Runners

Many of us love to exercise outdoors. Running outdoors, in particular, is a favorite for several people. We enjoy working our muscles while taking in the scenery and enjoying the nice weather.

But when the weather gets cold, many of us stay inside instead. Rather than bundling up, we work out on treadmills or choose other forms of exercise.

While this is a good way to avoid plunging temperatures, some fitness enthusiasts become depressed at the prospect of having to stay indoors.

Well, the truth is, running outdoors in cold weather is an exhilarating experience that can be even better than running in warmer temperatures.

Read on to find out about the benefits of running in cold temperatures and the gear that is recommended for those workouts.



Many people avoid running in winter claiming the low temperatures and bitter winds make the activity unpleasant. However, some runners say that it is even easier to run in cold temperatures.

This may be because lower temperatures reduce stress on the body. The body’s heart rate and dehydration levels are lower in cold conditions, so the body needs less water.

The effects of running in cold temperatures was the subject of a study conducted at St. Mary’s University in London. The study involved putting people in a room where they recreated environmental conditions that mimicked summer and winter conditions. The subjects were then asked to run 10,000 meters.

Running in the Cold

Results found that runners exerted themselves more in hotter temperatures. The heat causes the body to sweat more and to transport more of the blood to the surface of the skin to let it out into the external environment.

As the body struggles to lose heat it puts more strain on the heart. In fact, the study showed that runners’ heart rates were about 6% higher in hotter conditions and that runners were 30 – 38% more dehydrated in the heat.

They also claimed that their perception of heat was a third lower and that they found it 30% easier to run in colder temperatures in general.


Although running in cold weather can be easier on runners, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take certain precautions when working out outdoors.

You will especially want to be careful in the gear you choose to wear during outdoor runs.

Keeping dry is one of the most important to consider during runs. Getting wet will lower body temperatures increases the risk of hypothermia.

Therefore, you will want to wear layers and materials with sweat wicking properties that keep moisture away from the body.

When keeping the hands warm, mittens are recommended over gloves. Mittens allow for fingers to be pressed together so they generate more heat.

And when it comes to footwear, it goes without saying that you will want to wear a durable sneaker that keeps you from falling.

The legwear you choose is also important. With less opportunity to bundle up the legs, you will want to go with legwear that provides warmth, comfort and durability. Our leggings check off all the boxes.

Our leggings have sweat-wicking properties to keep you dry. The soft, supple poly-spandex blend will not irritate you while you move.

The four-way stretch material will move with you and the waistband lies flat so as not to cause irritation. The high quality, durable design will keep your legs warm.

The gym leggings are handmade, so no detail was overlooked in making for a top tier design. They are squat proof so as not to show through when you bend over.

And remember, the sun is always a factor, even in the winter. Our UPF40+ material will keep you safe from the sun’s harmful rays.

Not only are our running leggings high quality for winter workouts, but they are also very stylish. We offer a wide variety of designs including our best Christmas running leggings.

Slip into a pair so you can bring the very most in Christmas cheer while you are exercising.


When thinking of the styles of women’s Christmas running leggings you can wear, there are so many to choose from. Our Cartoon Santa leggings have a jovial design that will brighten up any holiday look.  

Our Two Pattern Christmas leggings feature candy canes on one side and stars on the other to provide a fun, asymmetrical look.


Our Vivid Reindeer leggings have a bold, modern look and are the perfect play on the current geometric tr


Our Santa’s Simple Outfit Red Leggings are the ideal thing to wear on Christmas Day.  


With all our leggings have to offer, it is no wonder they are a favorite with runners. Here’s what one fitness enthusiast had to say.

“The most comfortable tights I have ever owned. I was skeptical after I purchased and wondered if I had made a mistake purchasing them so I was delighted when they arrived -  perfect fit and they honestly go on like silk and feel great while running. I’m fifty so these are not just for young adults.”

With a winning review like that, need we say more? Check out our Christmas leggings for the ultimate in comfort, durability and holiday cheer. 

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