Cute Meets Edgy - Sugar Skull Collection is Here!

Cute Meets Edgy - Sugar Skull Collection is Here!

With athleisure trends taking over, leggings are becoming one of the most popular fashion items you can wear. They are versatile, comfortable and terrific for working out, hanging out with friends, running errands and more.

Because leggings are so popular, manufacturers are making a wide range of styles available. Consumers can buy leggings in a variety of colors and prints.

If you enjoy edgy fashions, our skull gym leggings are a terrific choice. Read on to find out how you can incorporate them into your wardrobe.



Skulls definitely make an edgy fashion statement, but they are being used more often as a clothing design making them a look nearly everyone can incorporate into their outfits. 

Skulls can be especially versatile when combined with other prints such as flowers and tie dye prints. Our skull leggings, for example, use vibrant colors and Day of the Dead prints that are more adorable than ‘spooky’.

And these leggings aren’t only meant to be worn to rock concerts. You can wear skull leggings for workout, when hanging out with friends or when running errands around town.



If you are not used to wearing skull leggings, you may be wondering what other pieces of clothing you should wear them with. Here are some skull leggings outfit ideas that will give you a style you will love. 



Our Sugar Skull Leggings have a Day of the Dead inspired design and feature a deep red color that is complemented by dark grays and black.

Pair them with your favorite rock shirt, some kickass combat boots and a cool pair of sunglasses and you are ready to go from a day kickin’ it with friends to a night going out to see your favorite band. 


Dia De Muertos or the Day of the Dead, rolls around on November 1. Though it may seem spooky and evil, It is not a day of sadness, but a way to awaken those we have lost and help them on their spiritual journey. 

Day of the Dead themes are often incorporated into clothing and home decor so people can take that positive spirit with them wherever they go.

Our Dia De Muertos leggings, for example, can be combined with a matching sports bra to make for an inspirational gym session.

Bring out the colors with a bright gym bag and a vibrant pair of athletic sneakers and you are ready to take on the world. 


With our Cotton Candy Skull leggings, you can elevate your look for a night on the town. The pinks and blues complement the skulls to make the perfect balance of edgy and cute.

Add a skirt, a cool pair of combat boots and a rocker tee and you have the ideal outfit for hitting the clubs or a fun day shopping on a fashionable strip. 


Our delicate skull leggings have a muted look that works well with more sophisticated styles.

Add a dressy shirt and combat boots and you have an outfit you can wear to clubs, when meeting friends for coffee and you might even get away with wearing this look to work.

The hint of color makes it easy for you to add accessories that brighten things up. 

And it goes without saying that our skull leggings have the comfort and quality you can expect from all of our products.

Each features a super soft spandex poly four way stretch material, a comfortable waistband, handmade attention to detail and UPF 40+ protection. 

Skull gym leggings are highly fashionable and versatile. How will you be wearing them to bring a new look to your wardrobe? 

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