FIERCEPULSE Marble Leggings - The Ultimate Abstract Print Classic

FIERCEPULSE Marble Leggings - The Ultimate Abstract Print Classic

When it comes to home décor, marble is a classic look that may never go out of style. Its swirly pattern makes it elegant and attractive while its durability makes it practical in certain applications.

The look of marble has made it a favorite for homeowners everywhere. In fact, it provides such a terrific aesthetic that it has spilled over into fashion trends making for a print that can be used on pants, leggings, tops, accessories and more.

Marble and Fashion

Marble first started appearing in fashion in 2008 when Raf Simons for Jil Sander introduced the innovative concept on his runway show.

However, it truly exploded in 2013 when designers began featuring it on a variety of clothing and materials including metal, leather, fabric, vinyl, and more.

The look continued to grow along with the home décor trend. It really exploded when marble was heavily featured in the Stockholm Furniture Fair, Milan Design Week and London Design Festival. The fashion world followed suit.

As we enter the 2020’s, marble’s popularity continues to grow. It is often used as an alternative to tie-dye as both are a great way to show a variety of colors in a psychedelic pattern.

They are very much in line with the vintage-inspired festival fashions that are being featured on runways everywhere.

FIERCEPULSE Women’s Marble Leggings Provide a High Fashion Look

Marble is everywhere and it’s often combined with the athleisure wear trend that’s taking over. Marble is featured on sports bras, leggings and other workout items making for a sporty, fashionable look.

As usual, FIERCEPULSE is on top of the trend with a line of terrific marble print leggings. Here are some you might consider adding to your wardrobe.

Dreamy Marble Leggings



These dreamy marble leggings are the height of psychedelic fashion. The warm colors blend with one another creating a spacey look that you can stare at for hours. The soothing aesthetic makes them eye-catching and stylish.

Pick up the hues in the leggings with solids that work well to bring them out. Light pink, gray, blue, white, or silver all make terrific matches.

They can be worn for a marble activewear look with a tee shirt and sneakers or dress them up with boots and a jacket for a day out with friends.

Black Marble Leggings



These black leggings are a great twist on the marble look. The white pattern stands out from the black making the print pop. They will look terrific when worn with black or white clothing and accessories or you may choose to add a pop of color.

The black makes them versatile so they can be worn at the gym and for casual occasions or you can even dress them up to make them a part of a clubwear look.

Turquoise & Gold Marble Leggings



The combination of turquoise and gold makes these leggings look like an ancient artifact that could be integrated into opulent home décor looks.

The color makes them a little tricky to match. If you go with a turquoise color, you will have to make sure the tones don’t clash.

Focus on the gold instead with a metallic solid or a gold-toned neutral that can range from yellow to brown. The high fashion look of these leggings makes them perfect for a day on the town in the trendiest neighborhoods in your area.

Speck of Gold Leggings



These leggings have a look that makes you feel as if you are sliding down the Milky Way. They are another example of a psychedelic pattern and are a terrific alternative to the Dreamy Marble Leggings for those that prefer darker colors.

With so many hues in the leggings, you have a seemingly endless selection when it comes to combining them with other pieces. Gold and neutral tones, white, black, gray, silver and purple are just some of the colors that will match well.

As always, all FIERCEPULSE marble women’s leggings have a comfortable four-way stretch, a high-quality design, a comfortable waistband and UPF40+ protection.

Marble is a home décor and fashion trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. How will you be integrating it into your life to create stylish looks that impress?