How a Camo Design Can Get You Ready to Do Combat at the Gym

How a Camo Design Can Get You Ready to Do Combat at the Gym

Today we are so used to seeing camouflage being worn out and about, we may think of it as more of a fashion statement than a military statement.

But the underlying message of the clothing is one of power and inspiration and it is this spirit that can push us to achieve whether it be in our personal or professional lives.

This article will take a look at this history of camouflage from its beginnings all the way to the break out of FIERCEPULSE’s camouflage collection.

It will show you how this brand’s women’s camo leggings can motivate you to boost your workout.



No one can say for sure how camouflage evolved. It may be more accurate to say that it’s hard to find a time when camouflage wasn’t being worn in some capacity.

It can be traced back to ancient times when Native Americans and other tribes wore it to hunt food.

The print became more widely adopted during WWI. It was then that the military decided that it would be better if troops remained discreet while fighting enemies.

Instead of the brightly colored outfits soldiers once wore, they turned to muted colors and prints that would better blend into the background.



Once camouflage became a military staple, it was only a matter of time before it would be adopted into civilian fashion.

Although there is some dispute as to when it integrated into the world of fashion, it was believed to have made its first appearance when it was used in a Vogue fashion shoot in 1943.

It became more mainstream in the 1960’s when people wore it ironically to show their defiance to the Vietnam war.

How The Military Has Influenced Fashion

But camouflage really made a splash in the 80’s when it became an all-out fashion trend.



It is interesting to think about how the different wars inspired various camo prints. For instance, when America was fighting in deserts during the Gulf War, desert camo hit big.

Raindrop camo came out when the United States was in Eastern Europe fighting in stormy territories.

These various camo patterns all emerged in fashion…plus lots more.

Today, it’s not unusual to see pink, blue and purple camo mixed with animal print, florals and other patterns. While these might not be great for battle, they sure make attractive civilian wear.



Camouflage is about more than making a fashion statement. It’s about paying tribute to the people who fight to preserve our freedom. It’s about inspiring our drive to do better. It’s about kicking ass and taking names.

And you know where that kind of spirit can really come in handy? In the gym.

Wearing camo to the gym means you are motivated, you are focused and you are ready to do battle. And with our stretchy and durable designs, you will feel invigorated to reach your goals.

Now that you know how awesome it can be to wear camos to the gym, here are some FIERCEPULSE camouflage leggings that will make you look and feel great.





These leggings have the earthy look of camo integrated with fun, feminine colors like soft pink and baby blue.

They are a great way to unleash the beast while letting everyone know you don’t take yourself too seriously. They will look great with solids that represent any of the colors in the leggings.





Blue camo was commonly worn by the Navy. Although some may think it was used to help soldiers blend in with the water, the true reasoning is that it was meant to provide a uniform look regardless of rank.

In 2019, the Navy decided to do away with blue camos in favor of a green and black digital design but it will live on in the world of fashion and wearing these leggings is a great way to pay tribute to this iconic style.





A play on traditional camos, these camo leggings have an artsy modern look.

The added color and splotchy print give the appearance that they are somewhere between traditional camouflage and a Jackson Pollock painting. Either way, they are sure to inspire you when you’re on the treadmill.





A takeoff on the desert camo look, these leggings have leopard print thrown in to get you in touch with your wild side. You’ll have everything you need to take on those steps, lift those weights or run that marathon.

And if you choose to wear them out and about, they make a stylish and sexy fashion statement.





Cat lovers rejoice! These leggings feature a desert camouflage interspersed by images of adorable kitties. But that doesn’t mean you can’t destroy in the gym. Those claws will come out when they least expect it!

If you love the look of camouflage, FIERCEPULSE camo workout leggings are just what you need to be stylish and fierce. Which of these best suits your style? 

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