Step Into The Future With Our 3D Robotic Leggings

Step Into The Future With Our 3D Robotic Leggings

The robots are taking over. They are being used on assembly lines, they are used for research purposes and now they are being integrated into fashions! It’s crazy!

Okay, well let’s not get carried away. It’s not like humans are going to be replaced any time soon. But robots are being used in technology and for practical purposes more often.

As a result, robotics classes are offered in school and robots are becoming a bigger part of our everyday lives.

robots built in

While some see robots as a natural progression in technology, others are obsessed with their design and the functionality they offer.

More than that, robots are often integrated into sci-fi movies and fantasies which further fuels the obsession.

Maybe you are fascinated by robots, or maybe you just think they look really cool. Either way, you will love wearing FiercePulse robotic futuristic leggings for so many reasons. Read on to find out more.



Robots require advanced technology to create; and so do FiercePulse leggings!

Each pair is hand crafted from a super soft, sweat-wicking poly-spandex material. They have a comfortable waistband that lies flat and will never dig in. The fabric moves with you no matter how you bend.

The material is squat proof so you will never have to risk embarrassing moments when you lean over. The leggings also have a UPF40+ design to protect your skin from harmful rays.



There are so many ways you can wear FiercePulse robotic leggings. Here are some ideas.

  •         Cosplay: These cyborg leggings are perfect for anyone that’s into cosplay. Whether you’re dressing up for a convention, an event or your own personal fun, these will be the perfect way for cyborg girls to get the look they’re after.

  •         Workouts: When you work out, you’re like a machine. What better way to express your drive than with these great futuristic leggings?

    The durable and super stretchy material means they are perfect for whatever you throw at them.

  •         Anytime: Hanging out with the girls? Running errands around town? There’s no reason why you can’t wear these leggings for casual occasions.

    Put them on with a t-shirt and you will create a look that you can take anywhere…just be prepared for a couple of double takes!



Of course, one of the best things about FiercePulse robotic 3D leggings is the unique fashion statement they offer. The shiny look of the ‘metal’ stands out from a black background for a futuristic pop.

The shading and graphics used, provide a 3D element that takes them to the next level.

Here are the leggings we have in stock this season.





These leggings really show you the inner workings of the robot. With springs and gears, these will give you a terrific cyborg look. If you are going all out cyborg, you can get as crazy as you want wearing an aluminum foil top, robot gear and more.

For a more toned-down style, combine them with a solid black, silver or gray top and a pair of boots or sneakers to match. For a workout, add a matching bra or tank top and you’re ready to hit the treadmill.





These leggings provide a sleek metallic look that is reminiscent of 80’s fashion with a modern edge. They will look great with black and silver or you can add a splash of color with jewel tones like vibrant purples, deep greens and crimson reds.

Think of the occasion you need your legging for and then get creative to make an outfit you’re happy with.





The splash of purple on these leggings really makes them stand out. They give the appearance that there is an electric shock going through the leg area.

The added color gives you more possibilities when it comes to creating your outfit. In addition to matching it with blacks, silvers or grays, you can also bring various shades of purple into the mix.



As the robotics industry continues to grow, we can expect robot looks to be big in future fashion.

Clothing with robot design features and functionalities are expected to rule the runway. FiercePulse robotic leggings are set to pave the way for these updated looks.

If you love sci-fi, are into cosplay, or just dig the way these leggings look on your body, try a pair out for yourself. They are guaranteed to give you the comfort and durability you need and the style you just can’t get enough of. 

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