Women’s Christmas Leggings - Our New 2022 Collection is Finally Here

Women’s Christmas Leggings - Our New 2022 Collection is Finally Here

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Christmas is a time of year everyone looks forward to. Even those who are uptight year-round see Christmas as an opportunity to unwind, spend some time with loved ones and enjoy delicious food.

Another thing that’s wonderful about Christmas is gift giving. It enforces a spirit of generosity and gives us a chance to spoil our loved ones and show them how much we truly care.

We also may think of giving a gift to ourselves for all the hard work we’ve done all year.

If you are wondering what the ultimate gift might be, consider leggings. They are comfortable, versatile and stylish. And now that FIERCEPULSE has released our 2022 collection, finding holiday leggings is easier than ever. 

Read on to find out why leggings make great gifts and to check out some of the new items we have in store.



There is no doubt that the athleisure trend is taking over. Men and women enjoy wearing clothing that makes them feel like they want to move.

They also like the convenience of wearing items that can go from running errands to hanging out with friends to the gym without the need to stop and change. 

Leggings are easy to wear, they are energizing and they work to take fitness to the next level. It is for this reason that they will make a great gift to give to friends and relatives.

Leggings also make a great gift because you don’t have to stress too much about the size.

When you want to give a friend clothing as a gift, you always have to worry whether or not it will fit. Leggings are stretchy, so as long as you have some idea of what their size is (small, medium, large, x-large) it’s likely they will be a perfect fit.

Leggings are also fashionable. Now that they have become so popular, there is no end to the colors and prints that are available.



Any type of legging makes a great gift, but if you really want to feel confident that you’re getting your friends and family members something high quality, FIERCEPULSE festive leggings are an obvious choice.

FIERCEPULSE leggings are made from a super soft poly-spandex blend. They provide four-way stretch that will follow your body no matter which way you move. The comfortable waistband will lie flat against your skin without digging in.

They are also squat proof. Bend over all you want. They will never show through and cause an embarrassing moment.

Our leggings are 100% handmade to provide the highest quality possible. The material is even UPF 40+ so it will protect your skin from harmful rays.

But, let’s face it, one of the greatest things about our line is our terrific styles. Here are some great looks you can choose from. 




These leggings are sexy inside and outside the bedroom. Although they may look like you are baring skin, they are actually one piece which is perfect for keeping you warm during the cold winter months.

We love the way the poly-spandex fabric takes on a leathery sheen. Add a corset for intimate moments or a t-shirt to play the look down. 





These Christmas women's Christmas leggings also feature a thigh-high look that is extremely sexy. They appear to be Santa shorts paired with stockings and suspenders, but they are, in fact, a solid material throughout.




These cute Christmas leggings are perfect for making you look like an adorable elf. The upper half has a faux denim look adorned with poinsettia at the hips while the bottom wraps your legs in candy canes.

Add an ugly Christmas sweater or a toned-down t-shirt to make a look that best suits the occasion. They can also be great Christmas workout leggings when worn with a sports bra or tank. 




This red and black checked look works well on Christmas Day or for any occasion during the year.

While the red is a vibrant Christmas color, it is countered by the black that gives the leggings a fun alternative look that is perfect for the holiday, an evening at the clubs or a casual date with friends.

Add a rock shirt and combat boots to make the look edgy or pair the leggings with red and green to make them Christmas appropriate. 




Camouflage is a look that never goes away. We played with the military style by adding splashes of red and various shades of green to make them Christmas ready. Wear them with your favorite holiday gear and you are all set to celebrate.





Christmas will be here before you know it. FIERCEPULSE holiday leggings make the perfect gift for a friend, family member, or why not just treat yourself? Which pair is your favorite? 

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