The Ultimate Guide to Styling Solid Color Leggings

The Ultimate Guide to Styling Solid Color Leggings

Leggings are a hot fashion item. They allow for mobility making them ideal for the gym and their comfort and great looks have established them as a casual wear go-to. 

Because leggings are so popular, they are now available in several colors and prints. While prints are fun, you will also want to include several solid color leggings in your wardrobe. Solid leggings provide a great base that goes well with other colors as well as outrageous prints.

FIERCEPULSE is a go-to brand providing leggings in prints and solids. Read on to find out about their legging looks and how to combine them with other pieces to create terrific outfits.

Why Solid Color Leggings

Now don’t get us wrong, prints are great. But here are a few reasons you may choose to go with a solid. 

They Have a Slimming Look

When you wear a print on your bottom half, it makes that part of the body look larger. Some women will be brave enough to take the risk, but if you are all about proportion, you may prefer a solid color legging. 

The compression leggings offer will provide a slimming appearance and darker colors will further enhance a shapely silhouette. 


They Go With Everything

As compared to print leggings, solid color leggings are easier to match. When you deal with prints, you need to find another complementary print or a solid that matches a color in the print. 

When you wear solid leggings, creating an outfit is a lot easier. You can pair the solid with a print that has matching colors or combine it with other solids that go well together. 

They’re Not Boring

Leggings have been a hot trend for some time now. A lot of legging wearers are hoping to spice up their wardrobe with fun prints. 

But the solids that are coming out are anything but boring. They are available in a variety of stand-out colors that make heads turn and serve as a base for several interesting outfit looks. 


Solid Color Leggings with Solid Color Sports Bra Looks

One option is to wear your solid color leggings with a matching sports bra. FIERCEPULSE has several matching sports bras that combine with leggings to make the perfect workout look.

You can buy each piece separately to mix and match or wear them together for a great uniform style. 

You may think that wearing all one color is boring, but FIERCEPULSE has leggings available in vibrant colors so you really can’t go wrong. And with the right accessories, you can really take your outfits to the next level.

Here are some examples of solid color legging and bra outfits that will elevate your workout fashion. 

Lavender Looks


Lavender is a great color for the spring. We decided to celebrate it by adding other pastel tones like soft pink and light green. The combination makes for a cheery overall aesthetic. 

Royal Blue


Royal blue is a vibrant jewel tone. We capitalized on that by bringing other jewel tones in like a rich purple and a deep burgundy red. The sweatshirt is great for transitional looks.

Throw it over your sports bra when running errands, then strip out of it when you’re ready for your workout. 

Tangerine Dreams


Tangerine is a citrusy color. What better way to bring it out than to add a burst of lemon yellow? These high tops and fun sunglasses are just what the doctor ordered. 

Lemon Yellow Love


The yellow in this outfit is so pristine. We kept the theme going by adding pure white sneakers and a white gym bag. You’ll want to make an extra effort not to get dirty when wearing this look!

Mix and Match Solid Color Leggings Looks

The nice thing about solid color leggings is they go with just about anything. As long as you find matching hues, you can pair them with other solids and prints.

You can combine them with long tops or t-shirts. Wear them under skirts for formal looks or put on a tank and gym shoes to create stylish workout outfits. 

FIERCEPULSE has a line of solid color leggings in dramatic hues that will give our outfits that extra wow. Here are some fashion ideas that may inspire you. 

Emerald Green Leggings Boho Chic


These emerald green leggings can be the foundation of a great boho chic look. Combine them with a tunic-style top that features the latest psychedelic prints. A neutral pair of shoes and some funky sunglasses will bring it all together. 

Solid Color Combo with Burgundy Wine Leggings


Burgundy wine is a great jewel tone. We had some fun with these leggings by mixing and matching them with other jewel tones like deep red, emerald green, and royal blue.

We used casual items to create a look that’s perfect for one of those days where you have to run errands and then...straight to the gym!

Crimson Red Legging Casual Looks


Crimson red leggings will turn heads no matter where you go. This look combines them with a fun tee, some casual boots, and heart-shaped sunglasses.

It’s a great outfit for hanging with your buds or running errands in the fashionable neighborhoods in your town. 

In addition to coming in a variety of hot colors, FIERCEPULSE leggings also provide quality and comfort you can count on.

Their leggings are made of a soft poly-spandex material. The four-way stretch and lay flat waistband flexes with you when you move. They even come with UV protection. 

Solid color leggings are fun, they are easy to wear and they are a great base for a variety of interesting outfit combinations. Which of these will you be adding to your wardrobe for the coming season?

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