Three Legging Prints That Will Make You Look Thinner

Three Legging Prints That Will Make You Look Thinner

Let’s face it, many of us have problem areas. Even those of us that diet and exercise may feel that there are certain body parts that never get the look we would like them to achieve.

Instead of dieting to an unhealthy weight, you can work with what you have by wearing clothing that provides a slimmer look.

This article will talk about what clothing you can wear to get a thinner appearance as well as some FIERCEPULSE slimming leggings that will get you looking your best.



Here are some things to consider when shopping for clothing that will get you a slimmer look.

Go for Dark Colors: Light colors are eye-catching and stand out making the area they are covering appear larger. Darker colors diminish the appearance of what they’re covering making the area seem smaller and look slimmer.


Go for Verticals Over Horizontals: Horizontal lines accentuate wideness. Therefore, it will tend to bring out girth. Vertical lines elongate. This makes for a longer leaner, appearance, and a slimming look.

Wear Tighter Clothing Over Looser Clothing: When people are sensitive about their weight, they tend to wear bigger, baggier clothing thinking it will hide excess baggage.

However, this type of clothing actually has the opposite effect. It works to make a person look even bulkier.

Instead of opting for big, bulky clothing, go for something that is fitted. Clothing that fits at your slimmest areas will look especially good.

For instance, a shirt that cinches at the waist will accentuate the waistline to make you look thinner. If you have trouble in the stomach area and thin legs, a fitted pair of pants with a looser top will shed pounds.


Wear Flat Front Style Pants: Unlike pleats, flat front pants will create an unbroken line across the stomach making you look thinner. Pants with a little bit of stretch will also provide a clean sharp fit that helps hold in bulges.


Add the Right Jacket: Hip length jackets with tailored lines will whittle the waist to produce a figure-flattering look.

Pick the Right Prints: Prints tend to make a person look larger, but if you love them, there are ways you can wear them, so they work for you, not against you.

For instance, if you’re bigger on the bottom try wearing a print on top and countering it with a solid look for the legs. This will make you appear more in proportion.


Notice Where Your Top Hits Your Pants: The place where your top hits your pants will also play a role in how thin you look.

If you wear a shirt that cuts you off at the waist, this will cancel out any elongating effects a longer top will have while making your bottom half look bigger.

Instead, opt for a shirt that hits your pants right above the hips. This will provide the perfect balance.



If you are looking for leggings that will make you look slimmer, FIERCEPULSE’s thigh slimming leggings check off all the boxes.

Many women have problems around the thigh area. FIERCEPULSE has leggings that make your thighs look slimmer so you can maintain a more proportionate appearance.

Their thigh slimming leggings come in various styles, but the basic idea is to start with a dark center that draws attention to the middle of the leg.

The outer edge is white, essentially washing out the heaviest part of the hips and thighs to produce a slimming appearance.

The black and white provide a vertical line look that takes the pounds off.

The pants are fitted so they won’t add any bulk. The stretchy yet firm material will hold you in. The flat front will create an unbroken line that is slimming to the stomach.

And more than that, FIERCEPULSE thigh slimming leggings are remarkably attractive. Here are some of the styles they have in store.





The Optical Illusion Leggings feature a black center that is complemented by a dotted pattern that starts in the center of the leg.

It washes out to a strip of white at the side creating a vertical line that is slimming in profile. Full on, the pants washout on the sides to draw attention to your slimmest areas.

In addition to the slimming effect, these pants also have a psychedelic, art deco appearance.

They will look great when paired with black, white and bold solids. They are the perfect thing to wear when running errands, for workouts, or for a day on the town.





The Slimming Illusion Leggings are quite similar to the Optical Illusion Leggings in that both are solid black in the middle and taper off to the side with a black and white pattern.

However, here the horizontal stripes are used instead of dots. Although horizontal stripes can add girth, these leggings have a gradient effect that makes any excess seem to melt away.

Like the Optical Illusion Leggings, these can be worn with black, white, or a bold solid and are great for a variety of casual occasions.





Ombre is the blending of one color hue to another. These Ombre Optical Leggings start with a black center that gradually fades out to white at the ends.

It provides almost a tie-dye look and a sense of vertical lines that shed pounds instantly. The stark white at the side will make for a slimming profile.

If you are sensitive about certain areas of your body, the right clothing can help you get the slimmer look you are after. FIERCEPULSE’s slimming leggings will knock weight off the thigh area giving you a look you’re sure to love.

What secrets do you have for dressing thin? 

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