FIERCEPULSE Floral Collection - Perfect for Spring Workouts

FIERCEPULSE Floral Collection - Perfect for Spring Workouts

The temperature is dropping, the flowers are blooming, and the warm beach weather is just around the corner. If you are looking to get in shape for the coming season, spring is the perfect time to do it.

During the winter, we stay inside. It’s hard to go out and exercise because it’s cold and there is ice and snow on the ground. As a result, many of us don’t leave our homes and pack on the pounds.

Now that the warmer weather is here, we are able to go outside and do workouts we truly enjoy. We can run alongside the beach, take a hike in the mountains and take advantage of the beautiful weather.

Another reason why exercising in the spring is so enjoyable is, you get a chance to show off your new spring fitness wardrobe. Light colors and florals are great springtime looks that we all enjoy wearing when temperatures rise.

FIERCEPULSE has some terrific spring workout leggings that are perfect for getting you motivated. Here are a few you will want to check out. 




Don’t you love the art deco-inspired pattern of these floral workout leggings? Bring the color out by adding vibrant items like this yellow sweatshirt and these bright orange sneakers.

Then add a pastel pink purse to provide some balance. With this outfit, you are ready for the gym, or whatever comes your way. 



Roses are a great way to bring in spring. These leggings feature a swatch of rose pattern countering by blocks of black and white.

We decided to maintain a sexy appearance with a sleek black tank and to bring the pink down with a fun pair of Ugg style boots. The pink purse is the perfect finishing touch. 


These abstract spring leggings have a modern 3D look that takes them to the next level.

FIERCEPULSE makes a matching sports bra that gives you a complete workout look. Bring out the color with a pink sweatshirt and a cool pair of purple sneakers and you are ready for the gym. 


This floral workout set is a great way to welcome spring. The polka dot leggings have a distinctly tropical feel. We went bold and matched patterns by adding a tropical overshirt.

Then we added a bright pink tank that can be worn underneath for balance. The green sneakers work perfectly to bring the whole outfit together. 



We love the deep purple and blue in these leggings. We decided to let those be the focus of the outfit by bringing out the pink and red colors on the bottom with these fun pink sneakers and tank. The purple purse complements the look perfectly. 



The ‘drawn’ look of the flowers on these leggings bring an animated vibe. They feature a variety of colors that are countered by color blocking on the top and bottom.

We added a dark blue sweatshirt, a bright blue hat that brings up the floral theme and a fun pair of sunglasses. This is great for outdoor spring workouts and it’s also the perfect thing to wear when you’re kicking it with the homies. 



FIERCEPULSE Flower Power Leggings have a psychedelic look that is utterly feminine at the same time. We kept the softness going by adding a pastel pink top and baby blue Ugg-style boots. The fun purse makes a terrific finishing touch. 

Spring is coming soon and it’s a great time to exercise and get your body summer ready. FIERCEPULSE’s spring workout yoga pants and leggings will get you looking your best so you feel your best.

Which will you be adding to your athleisure wear wardrobe?

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