Top 3 Reasons Heart Shaped Leggings Should Be Your Go To Gym Wear

Top 3 Reasons Heart Shaped Leggings Should Be Your Go To Gym Wear

When it comes to ending a message with emojis, the heart-shaped emoji has to be one of the top favorites. Why? Because it simply exudes love and positive vibes. It’s no wonder we want to spread some of that out into the world.

But, let’s face it. The ‘love’ of hearts (note the pun!) shouldn’t end there. It should follow you around all day and inspire every action you make. Which is why heart-shaped leggings are a must-have in your wardrobe. 

The Fashion Of Love

Hearts are here, there and everywhere when it comes to clothing and accessories. And they’re here to stay. Love isn’t something that goes in and out of fashion like some of the other fads you see circling.

The concept of a love heart, with all that meaning behind it, officially launched back in 1954. Since then, it's been synonymous with the feeling of love, and has been seen everywhere, from art to clothing, weddings and much, much more.

Man and Woman Sitting on Brown Wooden Dock

As we make our way into 2021, we could all do with a little more love in our lives. It’s been a tough year for many and a good lesson that at the end of the day – all that matters is - love.

And who can argue with that!

So, it’s time to go and grab yourself a pair of heart leggings, girl! Wear your emotions on the outside and spread a little kindness wherever you go. Here are our top three reasons you need some heart leggings in your wardrobe

1. Express yourself

There is no better way to express ourselves than through the clothing we choose to wear. Consider this…how do you want to be seen by others?

Leggings with hearts on them send the perfect message: you’re fun, you’re outgoing and you care. You come off as approachable!

Close-Up Photo of Woman Smiling

If I see someone walking down the street and rocking a pair of heart-shaped leggings, I’m not going to hesitate when it comes to offering up a smile or saying hello.

2. Motivate yourself

Working out doesn’t come naturally to all. We need that extra motivation to get us through and push ourselves to new limits. Believe it or not, but your choice in gym gear can play a huge role in this.

What do we do a lot of while working out? Looking down, of course. Whether you’re sinking even lower into that squat, or getting into some lunges, our eyes always seem to drop to our legs.

How boring if all we’re greeted with is plain black. How much more inspiring to have love hearts jumping out at you and working as your own personal cheer squad.

Which one do you think is going to boost your mood more? Heart workout leggings will motivate, inspire and get your pulse moving and what more do you need.

3. Spread kindness 

Leggings with a heart logo on the back are the perfect way to spread a little kindness everywhere you go. Symbols, such as hearts elicit feelings in all of us.

candid photography of woman with broad smile

All it takes is a person to walk by and see your heart-shaped leggings, to be reminded of someone they love dearly and to reconnect with them. You are literally a walking beacon of love. What’s not to LOVE about that! 

Fierce Pulse’s Stunning Heart-Shaped Leggings

Here at Fierce Pulse we are all about expressing yourself while inspiring others.  We believe in kindness, giving back and all forms of showing love.

This is why we have created a gorgeous wide-range of heart-shaped leggings for you to choose from. After all, one pair is never enough.

Whether you’re looking to set a trend, or express your feelings, our terrific range of love-heart leggings are just waiting to find their way into your wardrobe.

Black & Red Heart Shaped Leggings



These statement leggings are perfect for year-round wear. The amazing heart detail on the back is the perfect way to share the love throughout the day.

The bold black and red color choice contrast nicely to catch the eye and really draw people into the design. If you’re looking to express yourself, these comfortable leggings speak volumes. 

Pair them with a black tee for a n everyday look that will get you from the gym to the shops without a problem. Spreading a little love along the way.

Leopard Heart Shaped Leggings



Are you after something with a bit more flair? Who can go past a little leopard print in their wardrobe? It’s the perfect statement piece that will see you from day to night without a hassle.

The love heart touch on the back is both subtle and elegant, creating the ideal contrast with the leopard print pattern. 

Simply add a pair of heels to these easy-to-wear leggings and make an impact everywhere you go. One thing’s for sure, all eyes will be on you.

Charcoal Black & White Heart Shaped Leggings   



The classic look is one that will see you through almost any occasion without fail. These black and white heart-shaped leggings create the perfect monochrome look, with a hint of love.

The great part is, you can pair them with almost anything. Choose a top that really pops to create a bit of contrast, or dial it down with a black or white number that will blend into the monochrome look.

It’s the perfect expression of love that is even more prominent through the contrasting black and white pattern.

Pink Heart Shaped Leggings



We all know that girls just wanna have fun, and there’s no better way to do it than with a pair of pink leggings in tow.

Love hearts and pink are almost synonymous, which makes this color combination, cute, fun and flirty all at once.

Add in a pair of casual joggers and you’ll really make a statement as you join the queue for school pick up. It’s the perfect talking point, that’s for sure.

Gold Heart Shaped Leggings



Do you ever wish you could leave a little sparkle wherever you go? Well now you can, with these gorgeous gold love heart leggings.

The glitter style really pops and adds a whole new dimension to these funky leggings. With the statement heart on the back, you can make your way from day to night with a simple shoe change. Flats to heels and you’re on your way.

If you truly want to express yourself, this pair says it all!

So there you have it. Every reason you need to go out and invest in your very own pair of heart-shaped leggings today. Brighten up your wardrobe while adding a smile to someone else’s day and have fun truly expressing yourself.

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